Mooala, leading maker of premium, organic, dairy-free beverages, today announced the introduction of the industry's first-ever Keto Mylk. The company, best known for its plant-based Bananamilk, expands its organic beverage portfolio to include the new, keto-certified and carb-conscious option, which features less than 1g of net carbs, 0g of sugar and 5g MCTs per serving. It is the first dairy or dairy-alternative milk to be specifically designed for the keto consumer.

Just in time for resolution season, Keto Mylk is available in both refrigerated and shelf-stable varieties in four indulgent flavors: Cinnamon Roll, Chocolaty Chip, Vanilla Crème, and Original, all made with a base of organic coconut cream. Plus, like all Mooala beverages, it's USDA organic, non-GMO and plant-based.

Further, with 0g sugar and less than 1g of net carbs per serving, Keto Mylk's appeal expands beyond keto dieters to the broad, ever-growing base carb-conscious consumers. Frequently, dairy-based milks and even dairy alternatives contain significant carbohydrates and sugar, and thus conflict with many individuals' lifestyle goals.

"Each morning, Mooala lovers can now wake up, pour Keto Mylk in a glass and jump-start their day with dynamic, energy-driving MCTs in an almost zero-carb beverage made from delicious, organic ingredients," says Mooala Founder and CEO Jeff Richards. "Since the product's high-quality fats are derived from coconuts, our customers can feel really great about meeting their desired goals while also boosting their plant-based diets with a really satisfying beverage."

Keto Mylk is available for purchase now in shelf-stable, 33.8oz cartons at and refrigerated, 48oz multi-serve bottles at Sprouts stores nationwide. Keto Mylk will also be sold in approximately 1,000 major retail stores across the U.S. in the first quarter of 2021, including Wegmans, Whole Foods, Safeway-Albertsons and more.

Mooala's introduction of the first-ever keto-focused milk alternative is a welcome innovation for keto consumers who find it difficult to follow a plant-based diet. "The plant-based keto market is significantly underserved, and Mooala is filling a gap that has long existed," says Karen Pendergrass, CEO of the Keto Certified Foundation.

To give Keto Mylk its rich flavor, Mooala uses a delicious blend of organic coconut cream and organic MCT oil derived from coconuts. Each serving contains no added sugar and just 70 calories. All four flavors are certified USDA organic, plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, carrageenan-free and non-GMO. Keto Mylk can be enjoyed by itself in a glass, or with your favorite smoothies, cereals, baked treats, and more.

Mooala Keto Mylk joins the brand's full line of both refrigerated and shelf-stable, organic plant-based beverages. Key offerings include Almondmilk, Bananamilk, Oatmilk and Creamers. 

About Mooala

Based in Dallas, Mooala is a leading maker of premium, organic, dairy-free beverages made from real ingredients. Since its founding in 2016, the company has become widely esteemed for its full suite of USDA-certified organic and family friendly, dairy-free beverages, and best known for its breakthrough Original Bananamilk variety, the industry's first organic, nut-free, dairy-free, and soy-free Bananamilk.