Signode, a leading global manufacturer of automated packaging equipment, tools, and consumables, will showcase its new, complete automation solutions at the virtual ProMat Show 2021.

Signode offers tailored automation solutions that allow manufacturers of all industries, scales, and needs to maximize productivity and efficiency.

“Our complete end-of-line warehouse automation solutions position our customers for immediate growth and success,” says Mike Stein, Vice President of Marketing & Product Management for Signode’s Automation & Packaging Technologies Group.  “These solutions address and solve our customers’ challenges and requirements such as increased throughput, improved response time, lower operating and labor costs, efficient use of space, and optimized safety.”

Among the wide spectrum of automation capabilities included in the virtual demonstration at ProMat 2021, Signode will demonstrate StorFast®, its automated storage and retrieval (ASRS) system. The StorFast ASRS system provides high-density, lights-out, 24/7-access to all products in the warehouse. The shuttle/cart system allows multiple orders to be processed simultaneously and can flex between high-volume input and peak shipping schedules to optimize the utilization and efficiency of the system at all times. The StorFast ASRS system is an increasingly specified solution for both existing and new facilities in the rapidly growing warehouse and distribution space.  

Other core automation technologies involved in the end-to-end end-of-line solutions include Automated Palletizers, a complete range of conveyors, Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Automatic Unitizing Solutions, and more.

The Automatic Palletizers, which can use robotic, gantry type, and conventional palletizers along with the accumulators and quality control loops, enable hands-free automation. A complete spectrum of conveyors, including chain, roller, centering, pallet lift, transfer, turntable, and spiral, meet any automation system’s need for flexibility, speed and reliability of each application. When conveyors are not the most practical solution, Signode is able to automate the movement of packages and pallets throughout the facility with the latest technology in AGVs that increases efficiency and safety.

Signode’s broad assortment of Automatic Unitizing Solutions offer strapping and wrapping solutions that are designed for specific applications and industries, with flexible options to suit unique and challenging customer-specific requirements.

All of these automation solutions are made possible through Signode’s intelligent logistics management systems. These systems have the power and customization to provide everything from basic Warehouse Control Systems for managing pallet movement all the way through complete Warehouse Management Systems that integrate with customers’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and order management software.

The suite of warehouse automation solutions is only one component of a full spectrum of end-of-line machines and solutions that Signode will be showcasing at ProMat 2021. With more than 100 years of transit packaging solutions and experience, operations spanning over 90 countries, and a network of more than 500 factory-trained service professionals, Signode is ready to help any operation of any product and size optimize their end-of-line packing and transit solutions.

“We invite attendees to visit our digital booth at ProMat 2021,” says Stein. “Whether looking to pack, bundle, unitize, warehouse or transport packaged products, Signode prides itself on being a true one-stop shop with over a century of experience and proven product solutions to match.”

About Signode

Signode is the $2.4 billion global Transit Packaging Division of Crown Holdings, Inc., with more than 95 manufacturing facilities and 7,000 employees worldwide. The breadth and depth of Signode’s experience and product portfolio allows the company to offer the resources, reach, and vision to provide transit packaging solutions, from the smallest to largest of customers.