Real Good Foods is introducing the first ever low-carb, high protein Lasagna. Made with real, nutritious ingredients, the brand went beyond using low-carb noodles filled with artificial ingredients, instead using thinly sliced chicken lasagna noodle – and the best part, it tastes just like traditional lasagna. It's packed with 32g of protein and only 11g of net carbs, a great option for those looking to maintain a healthy diet. Traditional lasagna entrees have upwards of 50g of carbs per serving, added sugars and offer very little nutritional value. 

"Our brand commitment, 'Real Food You Feel Good About Eating' represents our strong belief that by eating our products, consumers can enjoy more, not less, of their favorite meals," said Bryan Freeman, Chairman of Real Good Foods. "By offering this new take on lasagna, an iconic kitchen staple, we're working to help address concerns related to a variety of health issues, including diabetes, obesity, and overall fitness."

The Chicken Lasagna Bowl can be found in retailers nationwide for an SRP of $5.99. 

About Real Good Foods 

Founded in 2017, Real Good Foods believes there is a better way to feed our future. Its mission is to make nutritious foods—low in carbs, high in protein, never added sugar and from real ingredients—more accessible to everyone, improve human health, and in turn improve the lives of millions of people. Real Good Foods always make foods from real food ingredients, never added sugars and with balanced macro nutrients – so you can feel good before, and more importantly, after you eat our foods.