Buona Beef launched three different sizes of Italian Beef Sandwich kits in 2020 with thinly sliced, seasoned beef and all-natural gravy. The beef is packed at the peak of freshness while it is steaming hot in order to retain all the great flavors, and the recipe comes from a family tradition that has been passed down through four generations of the Buonavolanto family, who founded Buona Beef. 

It starts with top sirloin slowly roasted and cooked with special Italian seasoning and in its own juices. The beef is then thinly sliced while the gravy is made from the drippings and juices. This frozen product has no artificial ingredients, minimal processing, no preservatives, no MSG, and is fully cooked. It can be heated and served in Buona’s microwavable/oven-safe container. The three sizes include the Sandwich Pack (makes two sandwiches), the Family Pack (makes four sandwiches) and the Party Pack (makes six sandwiches). You only need to add some nice French bread and hot giardiniera to make it a traditional Chicago Italian Beef.

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