Zero-sugar, dairy-free coffee creamer brand, nutpods, is releasing a new online-exclusive flavor collection called Nutpods Confections Collection--a three-pack of creamers composed of Toasted Marshmallow, Coconut Macaroon, and Cotton Candy flavors. Two of the three are already fan favorites but this is the first time the brand is releasing a cotton candy-flavored creamer.

“We wanted to create a flavor that would bring back nostalgic memories,” shares Madeline Haydon, the Founder and CEO of nutpods. “Cotton candy is one of those unique treats that never fails to bring out a smile. This time though, you can enjoy the flavor in your morning cup, without sugar or sweeteners.”

In line with nutpods’ promise of creating creamers without compromise, all flavors included in the Confections Collection are unsweetened with zero grams of sugar per serving and are plant-based and froth-friendly. You can add them individually to a cup of coffee or tea or combine them to make your own signature flavor. Regardless of how you choose to enjoy nutpods creamers, you are assured a drink that has a rich and creamy texture every time.

Nutpods’ Confections Collection retails for $14.95 and is available on Amazon and the brand’s website.

About nutpods

Nutpods is an independent, plant-based foods manufacturer based in Seattle, Washington, dedicated to bringing a delicious, continually innovating line of zero sugar coffee creamers to the marketplace. Introduced in 2015, nutpods has quickly found a loyal consumer base with Whole30, paleo, keto, vegan and vegetarian consumers who appreciate a high quality, plant-based creamer in their coffee and tea, and as a versatile unsweetened ingredient in sweet and savory recipes. nutpods is sold at retail locations nationwide as well as online.