La Vaquita, Houston’s #1 Hispanic cheese brand, today announced its expansion into the butter category. Made with pure cow’s milk with no added growth hormones and no artificial ingredients, this new butter offers a fresh, creamy flavor for a variety of cooking and baking needs.

“La Vaquita is well known for delivering delicious and authentic Mexican flavors with our popular quesos and cremas, so butter, which is such an important cornerstone for cooking and baking, makes a perfect addition to our portfolio,” said Mihira Rami, Director of Brand Marketing, La Vaquita. “This product will appeal to our customers, as it offers them a high-quality butter option from an authentic Mexican brand.”

Available in both salted and unsalted varieties, each 8-ounce package contains two 4-ounce sticks. The wraps used on the La Vaquita butter sticks are labeled with tablespoon measurements for ease of use and are also compostable.

La Vaquita butter is currently available at select retailers in Texas. For more information about La Vaquita products and some delicious new recipes featuring butter, go to

About La Vaquita
La Vaquita is the top-selling brand of Hispanic cheese in Houston and represents the time-honored tradition of Mexican homestead cheesemakers. Founded in Houston in 1971, La Vaquita produces a variety of authentic, flavorful quesos and cremas, whose recipes have been handed down through generations. La Vaquita is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dairy Farmers of America. 100% of our profits go to dairy farmers and their families.