SLIPNOT, a leading provider of specialized safety flooring products and surface technologies, will be at PACK EXPO 2021, Sept. 27 – 29, advising manufacturers on how to eliminate slips and falls and create more confident workspaces for employees. 

“Every day, 175 million Americans leave their homes to go to work, many in plants that make the essential goods that we rely upon,” say William Davidson, President of SLIPNOT. “We look forward to returning to PACK EXPO to share preventative safety strategies with manufacturers before they become issues or worse, hospital visits and lost workdays. Our only priority, as a purpose-driven company, is to return workers home safely at the end of each business day.” 

When applied to flooring, ladders, rails, grates and more, SLIPNOT’s patented anti-slip coating creates safe, high-traction surfaces for nearly every industrial and commercial space, including food and beverage, chemicals, pharmaceutical, automotive and consumer goods manufacturing plants. Its unparalleled bond to metal surfaces makes it virtually impossible to slip and fall even with the toughest oil, chemical or water spills.

“Up to 10% of an average manufacturing facility is at high risk for potential slip and fall hazards,” says Davidson. “Efforts to address these danger zones are often oversimplified with ‘Slippery When Wet’ signs, tape covering wet areas, or laying down diamond plate. In reality, quick tricks are inadequate and can make wet areas even more slippery and hazardous.” 

SLIPNOT safety flooring and surface technologies have a patented, high-friction coating that provides durability, ease-of-maintenance, reduced downtime and lost workdays in harsh, 24/7 operating environments. The solutions: 

  •  Perform more than 10% longer than most other products and offers the lowest total cost of ownership
  • Provide a maximum bond strength of more than 4,000 psi. The extreme surface hardness and unparalleled bond mean SLIPNOT surface technologies are the most durable, slip-resistant product available.
  • Are compatible with stainless steel, steel and aluminum to create surfaces that are durable yet lightweight.
  • Are customized to meet the customer’s surface design and installation requirements.
  • Offered with coatings in three grades, three alloys, four finishes, various color options, and any combination for unique applications and design considerations. 

SLIPNOT manufactures its products and surface technologies in the U.S. to exceed all wet or dry coefficient of friction recommendations and standards set by: Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the National Floor Safety Institute (NSFI), among others. 


SLIPNOT is a leading provider of specialized safety flooring products and surface technologies for the walkways, entryways, stairs, rails, ladders and more, where you live, work and play. We transform potentially hazardous spaces like food and beverage manufacturing and highly trafficked office buildings and retail spaces into safe and efficient environments. Much to the delight of safety managers and building owners everywhere, once SLIPNOT is installed, over 90% of slips and falls can be avoided. For more information on how to create a SLIPNOT environment.