Working in partnership with parent company Star Refrigeration, Starfrost implemented an end-to-end cooling solution for a growing London-based fresh dog food company that delivered energy efficiency and improved product quality.  

Butternut Box is a pet food manufacturer that offers home delivery of personalized meal plans for your dog using freshly prepared human-quality meat and vegetables.

Starfrost designed, manufactured, and installed a double helix spiral freezer for Butternut Box that operates using an ammonia refrigeration plant supplied by Star Refrigeration. 

Designed to freeze vacuum packed dog food pouches, the new freezer has helped Butternut Box double its processing capacity and significantly reduce freezing times to improve the quality of its freshly prepared products.  

"Since the installation of our new freezing equipment, we have considerably reduced our freezing times in comparison to the static freezers that were used before and the method of freezing is consistent which has greatly improved the quality of our end product," said Marco Attanasio, head of strategic projects at Butternut Box.

Starfrost designed a freezing solution with high efficiency and low carbon footprint in mind. The double helix spiral freezer operates with two separate temperature zones which significantly reduces the total number of kilowatts of low temperature refrigeration Butternut Box require to freeze the produce. This reduces the overall operational cost of the refrigeration system and emits less carbon into the atmosphere. 

Starfrost is a leading provider of cooling solutions for the global food processing industry. Since 1984, Starfrost has been pioneering cooling technology and delivering industrial freezing and chilling equipment to more than 60 countries across the world. Starfrost's aim is to create reliable, sustainable freezing and chilling solutions with innovative, intelligent technology.