Mary Brown’s Chicken and Lightlife are partnering to bring plant-based chicken menu options for the first time to Mary Brown’s stores across Canada.   

Mary Brown’s will offer Lightlife plant-based Chicken Tenders on its menu as well as Lightlife plant-based Chicken Sidekick Snack Sandwiches in two flavor profiles.  

A growing segment of Canadians are choosing a flexitarian diet – they eat meat and poultry, but are increasing their intake of plant-based food. Mary Brown’s wanted to provide menu choices for this emerging demographic. 

“We’re listening to what Canadians are saying and how their food tastes are changing. So while chicken is at the heart of our menu, we also want to satisfy the cravings of Guests who are looking for delicious plant-based choices,” said Hadi Chahin, president and COO of Mary Brown’s.

About Mary Brown’s Chicken
Mary Brown’s Chicken has over 200 locations across Canada and growing. The brand is 100% Canadian owned and operated since 1969. Mary Brown’s is renowned for its Big Mary chicken sandwich and made-fresh methodology including hand cutting and hand breading its Signature Chicken & Taters from farm fresh Canadian ingredients. 

About Greenleaf Foods, SPC
Greenleaf Foods, SPC, is transforming plant-based protein with a wide array of delicious and innovative products that satisfy consumers interested in adding protein variety to their diets. Our leading brands include Lightlife and Field Roast. Together, these brands are delighting loyal, longtime fans and enticing new ones who never knew plant-based protein could taste so good. The Lightlife and Field Roast portfolios feature nearly 50 products and represent a leading market position in the refrigerated, plant-based protein category in the U.S. Greenleaf Foods, SPC is a wholly owned, independent subsidiary of Maple Leaf Foods Inc.