Gayo Azul, the famous Caribbean Hispanic cheesemakers with a Dutch influence, have expanded their product line to include Gayo Azul Cotija cheese, offering a sharp, slightly salty flavored cheese with a firm, crumbly texture—perfect for enhancing any Hispanic dish.

The new Gayo Azul Cotija is sure to satisfy fans of cheese and Hispanic dishes alike, adding a sharp, slightly salty flavor and a crumbly texture.

Cotija is a Mexican-style aged, fresh cow’s milk cheese named after Cotija, Mexico. Cotija cheese is a perfect topping for enhancing any dish, such as street corn, enchiladas, tacos, sandwiches, and more. Gayo Azul Cotija cheese is available exclusively in wedge form.

“The rich flavor of our new Gayo Azul Cotija cheese provides a deliciously salty, milky flavor that is sure to turn it into a staple in our fans’ recipes,” says Debbie Seife, marketing director of FrieslandCampina, the parent company of Gayo Azul. “For decades Gayo Azul has been a go-to choice for Hispanic dishes, and the expansion of our line will surely bring some added flavor and variety to any meal, Hispanic or otherwise,” she adds. 

Drawing on the rich heritage of both Dutch and Hispanic cheesemaking, Gayo Azul emphasizes authentic flavor and premium quality above all else. The brand is a multi-generational kitchen staple, recognizable by its Blue Rooster logo—Blue Rooster being the English translation of Gayo Azul.

Gayo Azul products can be found at local grocers throughout the Northeast and Southeast, including BJ’s Wholesale, Fresco Y Mas, Key Foods, Market Basket, Presidente, Publix, Sedano’s,  and Winn Dixie Supermarkets and Walmart Supercenters.

Royal FrieslandCampina N.V.
Gayo Azul is a brand of Royal FrieslandCampina. Royal FrieslandCampina daily provides millions of consumers spread all over the world with dairy products containing valuable nutrients from milk. The products of FrieslandCampina find their ways to over a hundred countries. The company has its Central Office in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. The activities of FrieslandCampina have been divided into four global market-oriented business groups, being Consumer Dairy, Specialized Nutrition, Dairy Essentials and Ingredients. The company is fully owned by Zuivelcoöpate FrieslandCampina U.A., which has 17,413 member dairy farmers in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium and is one of the largest dairy cooperatives in the world.