Rowdy Mermaid, a functional wellness beverage brand, has launched Adaptonic Clarity, a sparkling tonic drink in four flavors with Lion’s Mane mushroom for clarity, and Hibiscus Pulse, an innovative kombucha with cassia and chipotle to support circulation. 

Adaptonic Clarity is a line of sparkling tonics supporting mental clarity and brain health and is a sister line to Rowdy Mermaid Adaptonic Immunity beverages, which launched in 2021. This new beverage helps combat brain fog from the adaptogenic power of beta-glucans, a fiber derived from Lion's Mane mushrooms. 

These beverages will be available in four fruit-forward flavors:

  • Asian Pear Elderflower: Juicy pear partners with refreshing elderflower to uplift both mind and mood
  • Mandarin Turmeric: Fruity mandarin offers a bevy of cognitive support combined with the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric  
  • Pineapple Lemongrass: Nutrient-rich pineapple and sweet smelling lemongrass help to reduce stress and clear the mind.  
  • Raspberry Hibiscus: Deep raspberry and tart hibiscus combine for a perfect midday pick-me-up

 All Adaptonic Clarity varieties (SRP: $3.29) are caffeine-free with the exception of Pineapple Lemongrass. They contain only 20 - 24 calories and 6 grams of sugar per can. 

“At Rowdy Mermaid, we are passionate about delivering products that are both functional and packed with fruits and botanical herbs that make all our products deliciously drinkable,” said Jamba Dunn, CEO and founder of Rowdy Mermaid. “This passion is realized with every sip of Adaptonic Clarity and Hibiscus Pulse kombucha, which not only deliver on flavor and function, but also fit our unwavering standards of what is healthy, delicious and sustainable.”

The brand also recently launched Hibiscus Pulse kombucha, featuring hibiscus flower, cassia and chipotle. The botanical blend in Hibiscus Pulse was designed to support circulation and address cardiovascular health. Hibiscus Pulse features a sweet and savory profile with just a hint of heat, and each 12 ounce can of this wellness beverage (SRP: $3.49) has only 9 grams of sugar. 

All 162 Natural Grocers locations and Rocky Mountain Region Whole Foods locations began carrying Hibiscus Pulse in February. Additionally, Adaptonic Immunity beverages will hit 170 HEB store shelves in March. 

About Rowdy Mermaid
Rowdy Mermaid’s story began in 2012 when Jamba Dunn, the company’s founder, began brewing homemade beer in his garage. Encouraged by his young daughter to create something she could enjoy, he was inspired to create a kombucha that wasn’t so “kombucha-y,” meaning less sugary, less vinegary, less acidic and safer. The result was Rowdy Mermaid kombucha, a scientifically controlled, function-forward kombucha done differently, brewed by doing the right thing across all things. Today, Rowdy Mermaid is a leading beverage brand with an expanding portfolio of functional wellness beverages. The brand continues to be committed  to delivering sustainably sourced deliciousness that’s also infused with functional plant medicine.