VFC – the UK-founded, bold Vegan Fried Chick*n brand and trailblazer in meatless protein, has launched across the United States via online grocery store GTFO. Customers can now purchase crispy, tender, vegan chick*n options, including; Chick*n Fillets for the perfect burger bite, Chick*n Bites for dipping and dunking and Popcorn Chick*n for a light sharing snack. Each product is high in protein and there is absolutely no sacrifice on flavor.

Co-founders Matthew Glover, an ideas man and co-founder of the popular Try Vegan for January movement “Veganuary,” and Adam Lyons, an innovative chef and successful restaurateur, have banded together with one clear goal: to spare chickens! VFC has spared more than 74,000 chickens since their launch in the UK in December 2020, to be exact.

"I am a businessman turned activist, who loves great food and VFC is very much a marriage of the three," said Glover. “There are many ways to dismantle unjust systems, and we intend VFC to be part of the movement that puts an end to factory farming for good. “The U.S. gave the world KFC, and we're keen to return the favor with VFC – an alternative which is kinder to animals and our planet."

About VFC
VFC was founded in the UK in December, 2020, by Matthew Glover and Adam Lyons. Matthew is the co-founder of Veganuary, an ideas man and an entrepreneur. Not the soulless corporate type, but the type who dreams big and works hard because the world needs solutions. His aim? To save chickens. Adam is an innovative chef and restaurateur, renowned for his high-quality, creative meat and vegan dishes, until, one day, Matthew took him to a chicken farm. His aim now? To save chickens.