Big Mozz, the cheese-loving, Brooklyn-born food company, is bringing their world-famous Big Mozz Sticks into national distribution for restaurants, bars and stadiums.  

Launched in 2015 as a tiny pop-up stand at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg market, and has since served their giant, fresh mozzarella sticks to millions of people around the country at popups, events, concerts, and their New York City restaurant.  

Now that Big Mozz Sticks are available through distributors, you can find them at venues Madison Square Garden, Citi Field, and Fenway Park; and all over the East Coast at bars, taprooms and restaurants. Big Mozz makes the first and only premium, gourmet mozzarella stick to be available for widespread distribution.  

"This is a huge milestone for the company and a great moment in mozzarella history. Credit goes to the Big Mozz team for navigating the many, many changes faced by the business over the last two years, and for navigating a very tough supply chain," said Big Mozz founder Matt Gallira. "We are now at full capacity and can produce millions of pounds of Big Mozz Sticks per year, and we can make them exactly the same as when I first made them in my apartment in New York City.  Our customers include restaurant groups, stadiums, universities, pizzerias, and we’re proud knowing they can depend on us to produce the best mozzarella stick ever made, using quality ingredients cultured whole-milk mozzarella, real Pecorino Romano cheese, and fresh garlic & parsley in our crispy breadcrumb coating. We remain committed to supplying the best cheese pulls on the planet, even as we grow nationwide."

About Big Mozz, Inc.
Big Mozz, Inc. is a leading food manufacturer in the direct to consumer, food-service, restaurant, and (coming soon) retail markets in the United States of America. We produce a line of products based on the premium fresh mozzarella sticks, made with fresh ingredients and packed with flavor that we have served to millions of customers across the country. Big Mozz was founded in 2015 in Brooklyn, New York and currently has a team of foodservice distributors and salespeople working remotely.