Blackbird Foods, a plant-based startup producing New York City’s favorite local frozen pizzas and plant protein products, is launching a new line of WINGS. Blackbird WINGS actually look and taste like traditional wings with their crispy outside and tender inside. Their hand-tossed pizzas launched this month at Target

The WINGS were made from seitan, a wheat based protein. Blackbird’s signature method of producing seitan results in protein with a tender and meaty texture, making it ideal in their new WINGS. After hand-battering and coating each one in sauce, Blackbird’s WINGS look similar to traditional wings. To avoid any further confusion, Blackbird Foods says they will add “naturally boneless” to the packaging before the next round of printing.

Blackbird is not just “winging” this new product line, CEO Emanuel Storch said they went through rigorous recipe testing to result in the perfect wing.

“All the plant-based ‘wings' on the market today are just boring nuggets being branded as ‘wings.’ We’ve spent months developing something that actually replicates the experience of eating a crispy and tender chicken wing but without the chicken of course,” he said.

Each bag of WINGS comes with 10 ounces of frozen WINGS and a sauce packet. Consumers can easily bake the WINGS in an oven or air fryer until they are crispy and then coat them in sauce. As with all of Blackbird’s products, these WINGS are plant-based, vegan, non-GMO, kosher, and cholesterol free. 

About Blackbird Foods
Founded by chefs, Blackbird Foods is a plant-based startup making hand-tossed frozen pizzas, the meatiest seitan, and now WINGS. Since launching in 2020, Blackbird has now expanded its retail line to include five hand-tossed frozen pizzas (Supreme, Margherita, BBQ Chick’n, Kale & Mushroom, Pepperoni), four shredded seitan products (Original, Rosemary Garlic,Texas BBQ, Chili Lime), and two WINGS (Buffalo and KBBQ). Blackbird Foods is plant-based, non-GMO, cholesterol free, kosher and available in 2,000 retailers nationwide including several markets of Whole Foods, Target, and online.