Hiperbaric 525

HPP for Large Capacity Processing

The Hiperbaric 525 can be configured as standard (intensifiers installed on the floor) or integrated (intensifiers installed above unit) high pressure processing machine. More intensifiers can be added to increase production. Its advanced design offers the longest lasting yoke and vessel on the market. The Hiperbaric 525 is Hiperbaric’s largest in-pack unit for customers with large production environments. With a 525-liter (150-gallon) capacity, and a large, 380-mm (15-inch) diameter, it can deliver around 3,210 kg/h (7,080 lbs/h) at 600 MPa/87,000 PSI. Its capacity and low processing cost are unmatched.


Fast, Efficient HPP for Beverages 

The patent-pending JBT-Avure FlexiBulk is truly revolutionary because it HPPs both individually packaged products and food and beverage bulk product simultaneously, allows for multiple container options (including cans and reusable bags, bottles and cartons), and it’s the fastest and most efficient bulk HPP machine in the world. For example, it can fill a 55-gallon bag in one minute. With the FlexiBulk, filling and unfilling is done outside the HPP press, which means that the FlexiBulk can fill bags, in baskets, while other bags are being pressed and unfilled. These steps can all be done simultaneously, resulting in higher throughputs.

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