Hiperbaric 55L

The Hiperbaric 55L is the ideal size for start-ups, small/medium productions, product development and market tests, as it requires minimum space. The equipment fits most processing environments and can be used for a wide variety of pet food products, ranging from meats in their final packaging to chubs that undergo HPP as a kill step and then are further processed. Its compact design, with one integrated single intensifier, makes it easy and quick to install, and a perfect fit for companies starting in the high-pressure processing business.

Hiperbaric  |  305-639-9770



Dynatrol CL-10DJ Bulk Solids Level Detectors

Dynatrol CL-10DJ Bulk Solids Level Detectors provide successful operation with consistent results for dry pet food and other dry ingredients such as rice, flour, minerals, seasonings, and powders. Works great in dusty environments and in vessels equipped with vibrators. Signals from the Dynatrol DJ Level Detector operate a single-pole, double-throw relay within the control unit. The relay contacts can be used to actuate an auger, sound alarms or signal operators regarding the status of pet food in bins, silos, mixers, or pelletizers. Specifically designed for a long operating life there are no moving parts; plus no gaskets or seals to deteriorate. Dynatrol Level Detectors are made from high-strength stainless steel, are factory calibrated and do not require any field calibration before installation. They are approved for Class I, Group C & D; Class II, Groups E, F & G; and Class III Services.

Dynatrol  |  713-869-0361



Meat Pump Pipeline

pet food

Metal detection specialist Fortress Technology has launched its latest pathogen cross contamination deterrent - the Meat Pump Pipeline. Bacteria, including salmonella and campylobacter, multiplies by doubling every 20 to 30 minutes depending on the conditions, and prefers high-protein foods prevalent in liquid form. With compliance demanding the highest levels of sanitation, the Meat Pump Pipeline has been designed to assist wet pet food processors inspecting high-viscosity meats to optimize hygiene standards and tackle cross contamination, without compromising metal detection sensitivity. To beat the spread of foodborne bugs and prevent bacteria accumulating in industrial pet food processing environments, the Meat Pump Pipeline is IP69K rated and USDA compliant. This means it can withstand harsh meat processing environments and high-pressurized washdowns after every product changeover.

Fortress Technology  |  416-754-2898



GEA Pet Food Experience Center

GEA has opened the doors to its new GEA Pet Food Experience Center (PEX) in Galliera Veneta, Italy. The role of the new center is to drive innovation in cooperation with customers and industry partners and to function as a locus for sharing latest know-how, where partners can anticipate a high level of technological development support. Situated in Galliera Veneta, the new facility sits alongside the GEA Pavan headquarters where a modern production facility with 400 employees design and build production lines for fresh and dry pasta, snacks, breakfast cereals, extruded products and pet food. The mixing and milling section is equipped with a flour mixer, hammer mill and plansifter where new recipes can be tested for each innovative pet food product.

GEA  |  844-432-2329


*Compiled by Michael Costa.

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