Indulging in your cravings has never been so easy. Say hallå to ice cream so creamy, so light and so Swedish, all wrapped and swirled, on a stick.

More consumers than ever are reaching for better-for-you products, and many are not looking to make sacrifices when it comes to the tasting experience they’re used to. N!CK’S novelty Ice cream bars provide craveable treats with great nutritional benefits. Each N!CK'S Swedish-Style Novelty Ice Cream has low calories, low net carbs, and no added sugar in every bar, but still deliver better macros and overall flavor than other healthy snack brands.

In seven new flavors – Mint Choklad, Salta Karamell Swirl, Vanilj Choklad, Triple Choklad, Peanot Choklad Krunch, Strawar Swirl, and Choklad Choklad – all N!CK’S Novelties will be available nationwide at retailers like Wegmans, Stop & Shop, Fresh Direct and more.