Deli Star Corporation, a national savory meat supplier to large scale CPG brands, foodservice operations, and retail delis, is launching its new Revel Fresh Sous Vide brand.

Revel Fresh Sous Vide is a line of chef-crafted, whole muscle proteins, underpinned by Deli Star’s commitment to a “fresh, never frozen” model and 120-day refrigerated shelf life.

“Deli Star is the industry leader in culinary innovation,” CEO Justin Siegel said. “For almost four decades, we’ve provided fresh and delicious protein products to chefs, foodservice workers, and CPG manufacturers. We’re so excited to bring Revel Fresh Sous Vide to the market to make chef-crafted proteins more accessible to the industry.”

Revel Fresh Sous Vide proteins come in a variety of culinary styles and seasonings, including smoked, seared, grilled, and braised. These proteins work as a speed scratch base across menus for recipe versatility, saving chefs time while delivering the deliciousness their customers crave.

“Revel Fresh Sous Vide empowers chefs and those in the food industry to easily update menus and create new dishes,” Siegel said. “It helps brands save time, streamline labor, and focus on creating savory culinary experiences.”

Deli Star’s proprietary Fresh Sous Vide and Steam Post Pasteurization (SPP) cooking processes lock in food safety, taste, and texture for a 120-day refrigerated shelf life while increasing efficiency and decreasing water use and overall environmental impact.


About Deli Star
Deli Star is a people-first, family-owned, B2B-focused supplier of extended shelf-life meats and proteins. The company pairs its “fresh, never frozen” business model with its rich food science and culinary arts experience to deliver protein with integrity – simplified, quality, and consistent solutions to its customers. Deli Star’s techniques, formulas, and patent-pending Fresh Sous Vide and Steam Post Pasteurization processes uphold and elevate standards for safety, quality, nutrition, supply, and taste experience.