Deli Star is moving its operations into a new-build, 110,000-square-foot processing facility in St. Louis, which will start construction this summer and is expected to open in early 2022. The company's operations were previously located in Fayetteville, Illinois—about 40 miles east of St. Louis. The company is expected to generate 500 new jobs and nearly $100 million in investment for the surrounding area. 

Deli Star is a leading provider of high-quality, sustainably cooked proteins. The company will produce Deli Star's sous-vide proteins, slow cooked meats, deli logs, protein salads, sauces and plant-based proteins at the new food manufacturing facility in St. Louis.

About Deli Star Corporation 
Deli Star Corporation is a leading family-owned Midwest based provider of high quality, sustainably cooked proteins. Founded in 1987 by food scientist Dr. Dan Siegel, the company has earned a solid reputation under two generations of family leadership as a scientific leader in techniques, formulas and processes such as steam post-pasteurization (SPP), fresh sous-vide and extending product shelf life without preservatives. Through its commitment to innovating food products that promote healing through human nutrition, Deli Star proudly produces proteins that are rich in flavor, healthy and minimally processed, earning it a loyal and diverse customer base that includes deli meat providers, foodservice companies, retailers and prepared-meal companies.