Cape Cod Café Pizza has expanded the width and breath of its frozen availability to select Walmart grocery stores.

"Our delicious frozen pizza products now available at Walmart Grocery Centers is very exciting for us," said Jonathan Jamoulis, CEO of Cape Cod Café Pizza, and grandson of the founder. "People like this pizza for a reason: it's the best. Our pizzas are unique in the frozen pizza arena: we prepare our pizza with freshly grated Wisconsin cheddar cheese, premium spices, and it is pan-baked, then sealed to capture all the flavors.  More than 40% of our customers cook Cape Cod Café Frozen Pizza on their grills, which truly sets us apart."

Walmart will offer the frozen pizzas at more than 200 locations including New England, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Cape Cod Café Frozen Pizza is currently available in more than 1,000 grocery and convenience stores, entertainment venues, restaurants and other locations throughout New England and New York.

The Cape Cod Café legacy began in 1939 with a small restaurant in Brockton, Massachusetts that built its reputation serving made-from-scratch food to loyal neighborhood customers and employing family members and the community. Third generation stewards Jonathan and Jeremy Jamoulis initiated frozen pizza sales to nearby grocery stores Trucchi's and Roche Brothers and soon after, their pizzas were in the frozen foods section of Shaw's, Market Basket, and Stop & Shop. By 2012, one year after branching out, they broke ground on a commissary dedicated to pizza making, employing more than 35 local employees, and producing nearly 40,000 pizzas per week.