Houseplant Coffee is now brewing via a partnership between Cometeer – the maker of the world's first and only frozen coffee capsule – and the home goods and lifestyle company born out of contemporary cannabis culture, led by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Michael Mohr. Together, the two teams are introducing a co-created collection of roasts inspired by a mutual love of coffee and its revered place in their daily ritual and creative process.

Available now exclusively online DTC, the Houseplant Coffee line features two roasts:

Bean There Done That and Get Roasted, which will arrive in flash-frozen coffee capsules thanks to Cometeer’s unique brewing process. Houseplant’s focus on innovation and well-designed, well-crafted, premium products led to a seamless collaboration on its first-ever coffee line with equally meticulous Cometeer; precision-brewed capsules guarantee that home brewers will make a perfect cup of coffee, every single time. By simply melting the capsule into hot or cold water, a freshly roasted, barista-quality cup of coffee is achievable in seconds.

“Our mission is simple – to make it easy for anyone to brew a perfect cup of coffee in the comfort of their kitchen. We were immediately drawn to Houseplant, another company focused on creating carefully developed, top-quality experiences at home,” said CEO & Co-Founder of Cometeer, Matt Roberts. “We easily found common ground testing and tasting with Seth and Evan, who quickly revealed themselves to be just as obsessed with coffee as we are, and landed on these two roasts that exceeded our high expectations. Now, we’re excited for Houseplant fans to experience the magic of Cometeer for the first time – a company focused on incredibly delicious coffee made impossibly convenient.”

Rogen, Goldberg, and the Houseplant team worked closely with Cometeer to develop, design, and craft these roasts based on their flavor preferences to create a product that’s true to Houseplant’s ethos: highly curated and top-quality.

“Houseplant exists to popularize a lifestyle that embraces contemporary cannabis culture by offering a breadth of products for people’s homes and daily lives. Alongside cannabis, very few products graduate to become a ritual and take an active role in creating memorable moments. As we acknowledge and celebrate all the ways that coffee enhances our own lives, Houseplant Coffee was a natural next step for us to bring to our customers,” said CEO and Co-Founder of Houseplant, Michael Mohr. “We couldn’t have chosen a better launch partner than Cometeer - we were thrilled to discover a team that brings such passion and innovation to coffee.”

Houseplant Coffee features two roasts, which are both available now as part of the Houseplant Roaster Box:

  • Bean There Done That: An Ethiopian medium roast, with notes of peach, sweet tea, and orange. This coffee from Yirgacheffe shines with the floral and fruity flavors that Ethiopian coffee is famous for.
  • Get Roasted: A Mexican dark roast, with notes of dark chocolate, cashew, and baking spice. This perfect specialty dark roast coffee is reminiscent of Mexican hot chocolate.

The Houseplant Roaster Box is available with a Cometeer subscription, which starts at $64 per month (consumers can opt for a one-time purchase at $84). For a limited time, Houseplant Coffee will also be available as a "Barista's Choice" add-on to an eight-pack for existing subscribers.