Scott & Jon's, a leader in healthy, premium seafood meals, launched its new 10-Minute Meals. Created for swift stovetop preparation, these new meals empower consumers to enjoy the satisfaction of cooking fresh, delicious seafood dishes while saving time in the kitchen.

New 10-Minute Meals help make weeknight cooking easier and come in three mouthwatering recipes: Shrimp Alfredo, Shrimp Fajita, and Shrimp Scampi. Each multi-serve meal includes perfect portions of tender, juicy shrimp, crisp vegetables, and homemade sauces or seasoning blends. The adaptability of these meals invites consumers to personalize with their favorite pastas, grains, tortillas, or enjoy a carb-conscious alternative. 

"We are thrilled to introduce 10-Minute Meals, which provide a time-saving solution for families seeking healthy and satisfying seafood meals," said Scott Demers, co-founder of Scott & Jon's. "We understand that today's consumers are searching for convenient meal hacks that do not compromise on flavor or healthfulness. Our 10-Minute Meals fulfill this demand while offering the flexibility to cater to diverse dietary preferences within families."

Scott & Jon's launch of 10-Minute Meals follows a series of significant milestones, including a 20% portion size increase of single-serve shrimp bowls, combating shrinkflation to provide better value to consumers. New 10-Minute Meals are now shipping nationwide, representing another step in Scott & Jon's aim to make seafood more accessible and enjoyable.

About Scott & Jon's 
Founded by brothers Scott and Jon Demers, Scott & Jon's is a Maine-based company dedicated to transforming the frozen food aisle with its premium seafood meals. Inspired by family recipes, they set out to create meals that were both delicious and healthy, challenging the notion that convenient meals had to be bland or nutritionally lacking. Their commitment to quality and flavor has earned Scott & Jon's a loyal following and recognition from industry experts. The brand's products are available in major grocery stores nationwide, bringing a taste of Maine to kitchens across the country.