DS Smith, global provider of sustainable, fiber-based corrugated packaging, is launching its DryPack seafood box in North America. A sustainable replacement for non-recyclable expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam boxes, DS Smith DryPack is a no-leak, 100% water-resistant, fully recyclable box that, when packed with ice, can keep fresh fish below 40 degrees Fahrenheit for over 40 hours in cold chain operations. 

DryPack is the only containerboard seafood box approved for air freight by the International Air Transport Association, giving seafood processors the ability to safely ship fresh fish for short and long distances. The boxes ship flat to seafood processors – requiring 81% less space than foam plastic EPS boxes – and are easy and quick to assemble manually or with the use of automation equipment.  

“DS Smith is excited to provide the North American seafood industry with a proven, 100% recyclable, fiber-based box that meets uncompromising standards for transporting fresh fish,” said Steven Rose, managing director, Packaging, for DS Smith North America Packaging and Paper (NAPP). “By shipping empty DryPack seafood boxes flat at a lower price – and moving customers away from non-recyclable EPS boxes and the waste disposal fees those boxes generate – we can give seafood processors an opportunity to increase efficiency and reduce their supply chain costs along with their carbon footprint.” 

DS Smith NAPP is now manufacturing DryPack boxes at its U.S. specialty packaging plants using its patented and proven Greencoat technology – a food-safe, moisture-resistant, recyclable-coated box solution that has USDA, CFIA, FDA and FBA certifications. In addition to seafood packaging, the technology is used in the fresh poultry and produce industries to replace non-recyclable, wax-coated boxes. 


About DS Smith
With DryPack, DS Smith is furthering its ambition to accelerate plastic replacement in the packaging space. Driven by its Now and Next sustainability strategy and working in partnership with customers, DS Smith has replaced 762 million problem plastics with fiber-based alternatives since 2020, and is on track to beat its goal of replacing 1 billion plastics by 2025. The company is committed to supporting a transition to the Circular Economy, eliminating waste and pollution, and keeping materials in use for longer. DS Smith creates 100% recyclable or reusable packaging, helping customers design out hard to recycle plastics. DS Smith has also created more than 30,000 circular-ready projects through its industry-leading Circular Design Metrics, a design analysis tool that helps customers drive sustainability performance.