Mush Foods, the culinary innovator behind 50CUT, chef-ready mushroom and mushroom root blends for restaurants and foodservice, has partnered with Pat LaFrieda, America's most iconic meat purveyor, to launch the new LaFrieda 50CUT Burger. The first nationally co-launched burger made with 50CUT is a 6-ounce mouth-watering beef and mushroom patty that can satisfy any burger lover's craving, while boosting nutrition, increasing yield, and improving environmental impact with every bite. 50CUT is crafted from mushrooms and mushroom roots grown in upstate New York and is available to Pat LaFrieda's more than 1,600 restaurant and foodservice customers nationwide.

"Pat LaFrieda is an inspirational innovator and a visionary champion of up-and-coming partners that help expand and develop the meat category. We couldn't have asked for a more experienced and trusted partner to introduce our first 50CUT collaboration to restaurants, contract foodservice operators and chains nationwide," said Shalom Daniel, CEO, and co-founder of Mush Foods. "The LaFrieda brand is synonymous with excellence and boasts a legacy of firsts, continually raising the bar and setting the direction for the entire category. I'm thrilled to have co-crafted this special blend burger now available to LaFrieda customers."

The LaFrieda 50CUT burger is a 50-50 blend that pairs equal measures of premium ground beef with a mix of premium mushrooms such as oyster, trumpet, shiitake, and lion's mane, to add a rich umami flavor, improve yield and enhance nutrition in the burger. This is achieved while retaining the juicy, meaty taste and texture of full-beef burgers. The result is a deeply satisfying, protein-rich patty that addresses the environmental concerns of consumers and the restaurant industry today.

"There is an art to a great burger, and the LaFrieda 50CUT is going to amaze burger lovers. It delivers on every expectation for a delicious burger while adding nutritional value and being gentler to the planet," said Pat LaFrieda, CEO of Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors. "I'm passionate about pushing boundaries and growing the business through innovation. After tasting 50CUT, I was ready to team with Mush Foods to introduce a LaFrieda 50CUT beef burger 20 years after I purchased the first burger machine for the business."

About Mush Foods
Food industry veteran Shalom Daniel, Dr. Idan Pereman (Agriculture) and Dr. Dan Levanon (Biology) started Mush Foods, a culinary innovator and creator of 50CUT, a unique line of premium mushroom and mushroom root blends for use in meat dishes. When added to ground meat, 50CUT provides all the beneficial attributes of mushrooms, like umami flavor and positive nutrition, while significantly reducing the environmental impact of the dish. Based in New York, Mush Foods works with local farmers to grow mushrooms and mushroom roots above ground through a proprietary and sustainable cultivation technique that maximizes access to this nutrient-rich and delicious culinary treasure that usually remains buried underground. Chefs and diners can count on 50CUT's clean label – no seasonings, no binding agents, no additives, or preservatives.

About Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors
Pat LaFrieda is a renowned third-generation butcher and CEO of Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors. Famous for dry aged beef and working with small domestic farms from all around the country, LaFrieda supplies over 1,600 of the nation's finest restaurants with prime beef and other meats, from tomahawk steaks and ribeyes to wagyu beef, burgers, lamb and chicken. He has created over 50 custom hamburger blends and is the mastermind behind the famous "Black Label Burger'' at Minetta Tavern, as well as signature custom blends for the likes of Shake Shack, Union Square Café and Blue Smoke. His state-of-the-art 50,000-square-foot flagship production facility boasts the largest dry aging room in the world. In 2012, Food Network debuted "MEATMEN," the reality show that followed Pat, his father Pat LaFrieda Sr. and his cousin Mark Pastore through their daily work, meeting with the most famous chefs around in the most sought-after restaurants. LaFrieda has two Pat LaFrieda Original Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich kiosks at Citi Field – the home of the New York Mets, in addition to a full service restaurant, the Pat LaFrieda Chop House. And in 2014, LaFrieda Meats became the official burger of the Mets, in addition to adding a Meatball Slider stand. He also operates a Pat LaFrieda stand at DUMBO's Time Out Market, and supplies the entire U.S. Open with beef every year in addition to operating his own stands there. In fall 2014, Atria Books published Pat's first bookMeat: Everything You Need to KnowIt's a veritable meat encyclopedia from which home cooks can learn Pat's best meat tips, recipes, stories and more. In October 2021, Ecco published Pat's second book, Glorious Beef: The LaFrieda Family and the Evolution of the American Meat Industry, a fascinating chronicle of his family's storied history from humble beginnings to the top echelon of the meat industry.