Condiments and tastes may vary from city to city, but every major and minor league ballpark nationwide sells hot dogs. This year, the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council predicts Americans will buymore than 21 millionhot dogs during baseball season, which spans from April to October.
Source: National Hot Dog and Sausage Counci

Everyone knows the current economy is hard on your wallet, but is it also hard on your health? According to a recent Multi-Sponsor Surveys Inc. report, 40 percent of US adults say they are eating less nutritiously. And those in the lowest income brackets are even more likely to be eating less healthfully:65 percentof those who identified themselves as "down and out" are eating less nutritiously, and 59 percent of those who are "on the edge" said the same.

Baby boomers are eating out more often, while kids and young adults (ages 18 to 24) arevisiting restaurants less often, according to a recent study. Per capita restaurant meals/snacks fell in 2008 to 233 from 254 in 2007 for young adults and from 168 to 162 for kids (under 18) during the same period. Meanwhile, per capita restaurant visits for those over 65 increased to 160 in 2008, from 151 in 2007.
Source: The NPD Group Inc.