With more than 2,100 installations worldwide, I.J. White Systems knows process chilling and freezing. And now this Farmingdale, N.Y., company is applying that expertise to a new ULTRA line of Vertical Pouch Systems for chilling and blast freezing of tomato sauce, cheese, soups and stews, custards and puddings, sauces and gravies.

“These energy efficient Vertical Pouch Systems are designed to uniformly cool or freeze hot-filled products,” says President Peter White. “By quickly reducing a product’s temperature, shelf life can be extended and in many cases, product quality is improved.”

I.J. White’s new Hydro Pouch Chiller uses a new approach to intermittent pouch agitation to lower internal product temperature faster and more uniformly than traditional tunnel coolers.

Notes White, “Setting a higher standard, our system’s unique, gentle handling prevents surface scarring or creasing of pouches. ULTRA can even cool most printed pouches without damage.”

Complementing this technology is I.J. White’s new Thermal Pouch Freezer. Designed to reduce freezing time and save valuable floor space, White says this system offers the “most energy-efficient design” for vertical form-fill-seal products.

For more information, go to www.ijwhite.com.