Ashworth Factory Service Corp. introduces SPIRALUBE, a complete line of specially formulated lubricants to reduce maintenance and increase the operating life of spiral freezers, coolers and proofers.

The line includes Food-Grade Penetrating Oil, Food-Grade Belt Oil, Food-Grade Bearing Grease and Gear Oil. Each product is labeled to clearly identify the defined application and when used at the recommended intervals, spiral performance can be optimized and the operating life increased.

The extensive experience Ashworth Factory Service has in servicing spiral conveyors and as advocates of proactive maintenance led Ashworth to create the SPIRALUBE line. Ashworth’s approach with SPIRALUBE is to enable maintenance departments with better tools to make spiral maintenance easier.

“Now, every maintenance person will know exactly what lubricant to use for every part of their spiral,” says Bryan Hobbs of Ashworth Factory Service. "From spiral drive chains and gears to support rails and belts, SPIRALUBE is a comprehensive line of lubricants to help spiral freezers, coolers and proofers run longer and more efficiently."

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