Although it's not scheduled for start-up until November 2010,Lamb Weston'snew sweet potato operation in Delhi, La., has generated quite a stir in the area, reported theMonroe (La.) News Star.

As a result, this Tri-Cities, Wash., foodservice potato business created a Web site ( to update area residents, growers and suppliers about plant project news.

Officials say the new $256 million facility could eventually create as many as 500 jobs.

Dan Downard, Lamb Weston human resources director told the newspaper, "The announcement of the new Delhi facility has been met with an outpouring of interest and excitement and we at Lamb Weston couldn't be more pleased. In response, we have created this specialized Web site to ensure timely responses to the many inquiries we have been receiving from potential employees, growers, suppliers and the community at large."

Lamb Weston is a unit of ConAgra Foods.