There's no place like a meal to talk about new food product development. In fact,McDonald'sCEO Jim Skinner talked about product innovation as a strategic goal during a recent luncheon address to the Boston College Chief Executives' Club of Boston.

Boston Herald.comreported on the event and quoted Skinner as emphasizing McDonald's need to improve service, innovate quickly and consistently, and remain “customer-centric.”

“The downturn we’re in cannot be an excuse for sitting still,” said Skinner.

On the subject of restaurant innovation,Boston Herald.comsaid Skinner mentioned McDonald’s touch-screen kiosks in Europe, home delivery in Asia and the rollout of its specialty coffee program.

McDonald’s caters to their varying tastes by serving shrimp in Japan, beer in Germany, wine in France and Spam in Hawaii - which has the highest per capita consumption of Spam, Skinner noted.

“They love it, and we serve it,” he said.

McDonald’s is testing such new items as a Big Mac Wrap (a Big Mac in a flour tortilla), frappes and smoothies.