Proclaiming that  "America’s love affair with meat and potatoes is as strong as ever,"Cargill, Wichita, Kan., andH.J. Heinz Co., Pittsburgh, Pa., formed a promotional partnership for Cargill ground beef and Ore-Ida potato products.

Officials says the "Back to Basics" program includes helpful recipes and discount coupons, to entice consumers during the late winter and early spring months. The promotion runs from Feb. 15 to April 5, 2010, and will appear at more than 1,800 retail grocery locations nationwide.

Cargill said the promotion with Ore-Ida potatoes includes recipe pads displayed at the ground beef case, featuring four hearty meat-and-potatoes meals:
·    Shepherd’s Pie
·    Beefy Mushroom Stew
·    Cheesy Sloppy Joes
·    Cowboy Meatloaf & Potato Casserole

“We’re extremely pleased to get ‘Back to Basics’ by pairing our ground beef with Ore-Ida potatoes, a fun and trusted brand,” said Elizabeth Gutschenritter, Cargill brand manager. “Sales of both ground beef and frozen potatoes are up, so this collaboration makes sense in that it highlights affordable, easy-to-prepare recipes incorporating both popular products.”

Gutschenritter said Cargill seeks and develops complementary product partnerships because "of the many benefits they provide for the partnering product manufacturers, retail partners and consumers alike."

“We actively work with our partners to design a customized promotion for them that helps raise awareness, drive trial and increase volume for their brand as well as our own products,” she added. “Cargill’s promotional partnership opportunities help place brands such as Ore-Ida potatoes in one of the most coveted, high-traffic retail grocery positions available, the fresh meat case.”

“We are excited to be partnering with Cargill on the ‘Back to Basics’ program,” said Wendy Joyce, vice president, Ore-Ida brand. “The program allows us to provide our consumers with delicious comfort food recipes during the winter months at a great value.”

Officials said a coupon on ground beef packages offers $0.50 off ground beef with the purchase of two Ore-Ida products. The joint Cargill–Ore-Ida promotion also offers a variety of support for retailers including point-of-purchase materials – with dual placement at both the fresh meat case and in the freezer aisle – that create awareness and draw shopper attention. In-store materials at the meat case include large and mini T-stand posters, 90-degree signs, recipe pads and on-pack coupons on ground beef. Freezer door clings are located near the Ore-Ida products in the frozen food section.