Here's a new product that will have consumers saying, "Muy delicioso!" Blue Bell Creameries, Brenham, Texas, has introduced Mexican Praline ice cream.

"It's a triple shot of praline with the ice cream, candies and swirl all combined into one half gallon," said Carl Breed, director of marketing at Blue Bell. "The Mexican praline pieces have a very rich flavor that mix well with the pecans and praline sauce swirl."

Officials say Mexican Praline Ice Cream was inspired by the praline candies found at many Mexican restaurants in Texas.

"There are many varieties of Mexican pralines sold throughout the U.S.," Breed added. "Our version has a taste similar to the Leche Quemada candy you find at the checkout counters at Mexican restaurants in our area. If you have never tried the candy, you should definitely have a bowl of the ice cream. It is really a great tasting flavor."

Leche quemada is a popular Mexican candy made of caramelized sugar and milk. It has a slightly grainy texture and is traditionally topped with pecans. Mexican Praline Ice Cream is very similar, containing praline pieces and pecans.

Also in stores this month is Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream. This rich, cheesecake ice cream is loaded with cheesecake pieces and a flavorful blueberry swirl.