Got a taste for pub grub? Now the nearest pub is as close your kitchen freezer, says Pinnacle Foods Group, Mountain Lakes, N.J.

Pinnacle says new Hungry-Man Pub Favorites are pub-inspired meals for the on-the-go lifestyle. The line, which includes three satisfying meal options, "targets real food lovers who appreciate contemporary pub style foods with deliciously bold flavors and sauces but may not have time to prepare a traditionally cooked meal."

With men ages 18-34 being the primary consumers of frozen dinners - the Hungry-Man brand in particular - this line responds directly to what consumers are demanding. 

Each meal features a hardy protein matched with bold, alcohol-infused sauces and a range of signature sides. Hungry-Man’s Chopped Beef Steak meal features a Brewhouse mushroom gravy, green beans with bacon, and roasted potatoes; the Beer Battered Chicken meal comes complete with extra cheesy cheese fries; the Grilled Bourbon Steak Strip meal includes creamy mashed potatoes and a vegetable medley (SRP $3.59 each).

“There’s hungry and there’s really hungry–Hungry-Man is only the solution for both types of hunger,” said Senior Brand Manager Kristen Thompson. “Our meals provide hearty portions of the food men love. The new Pub Favorites line consists of unique meals you would find at your local pub, only you can enjoy them in the comfort and convenience of your own home.”

According to a study done by the European Centre for Monitoring Alcohol Marketing (EUCAM), the growth in alcohol flavored food offers an opportunity for the drinks and the food industry; it not only broadens the spectrum of options available to manufacturers but can also play a role in building loyalty of consumers.