Get bold with your diet by not actually being on one.

Thankfully, Bold Organics pizza allows you to eat your piece of pie without experiencing the guilt.

Chef Eric Brenner, co-owner of the New York-based producer of gluten- and dairy-free pizzas, introduced Bold Organics in the beginning of 2012 with the hopes of creating a healthy pizza for its health-conscious consumers.

“If I can provide great-tasting, healthy, gluten-free foods to my restaurant customers, then why can’t I do it for retail customers nationwide?” he asks.

Bold Organics is made with 85%-certified organic ingredients and features a signature sauce that is blend of organic tomatoes and organic herbs and spices and an all-natural rice flour crust.

As for their toppings, Bold Organics scours farms throughout the country for the perfect flavor profiles with optimum health benefits, such as organic shitake mushrooms, organic roasted red peppers, organic roasted yellow onions and organic spinach.

The new team of pizzas include Vegan Cheese, Veggie Lovers (chock full of seasonal vegetables such as smoky roasted peppers, sweet roasted onions and woody shiitake mushrooms), Meat Lovers (loaded with an abundance of spicy uncured pepperoni and juicy organic sausage) and Deluxe (smoky roasted peppers, sweet roasted onions, woody shiitake mushrooms, spicy uncured pepperoni and juicy organic sausage).