Red Mango, a Dallas-based frozen yogurt and smoothies chain, is making "some little coffee bean's dream come true." That's the message adorning Red MangoRed Mango frozen coffee chillers store windows across the country in what the company considers one of its biggest product introductions—its first coffee-based beverage, Frozen Coffee Chillers.

Now available nationwide at participating locations, this all-natural and non-fat beverage blends authentic medium-roast Columbian Arabica coffee with Red Mango yogurt.

"Today's unhealthy frappes have finally met their match," says Dan Kim, founder and chief concept officer. "Caffeine fans across America can now enjoy the best tasting coffee combined with our award-winning yogurt in an all-natural, non-fat frozen beverage that's satisfying, refreshing and energizing."

Each Frozen Coffee Chiller contains live and active probiotic cultures. Regular size 16-ounce servings contain 290-320 calories, and large size 20-ounce servings contain 320-390 calories. They come in Vanilla, Caramel, Mocha and Natural Coffee flavors.