Accellos, a Colorado Springs, Colo., provider of supply chain execution software solutions, engaged in a technology partnership with Vitech Business Group, Inc., Bellingham, Wash., that will offer the industry leading Vocollect Voice solution to Accellos’ warehouse management system (WMS) customers in the United States and Canada.

As a Vocollect Total Solutions Provider (TSP), Vocollect Software Partner (VSP) and Master Value Added Reseller (MVAR), Vitech’s relationship will give Accellos customers the ability to take advantage of implementing more than 70 voice-directed workflows. Additionally, Vitech is extending their product portfolio by becoming a practice partner of Accellos and reseller of the AccellosOne Warehouse Management System.

“We look forward to working with Accellos to deliver a truly integrated Vocollect Voice offering for their current and future customer base,” says Richard Stewart, principal at Vitech Business Group. “Given their focus on the small to medium-sized business space, it is really exciting to be able to bring voice into operations that might traditionally have considered themselves too small for voice. The tightly integrated approach minimizes the cost of integration and training efforts, and helps the customer start to realize the benefits of voice more quickly, within the Accellos environment they already know and use every day.”

“Our new relationship with Vitech is truly a win, win, win. First, Vitech brings unprecedented experience implementing voice-direct warehouse solutions on the Vocollect platform,” says Chad Collins, general manager and CMO for Accellos. “Second, they have an extensive background in selling, implementing and supporting WMS systems, which will help Accellos deliver the AccellosOne Warehouse Management System to more users. Finally and most importantly, the combination of their skills as a company is a win for Accellos customers and prospects that can leverage Vitech for both their voice and WMS expertise.”