Elevation Brands, LLC, Framingham, Mass., unveiled new packaging under its Ian's brand of allergy-friendly frozen foods. Ians new pkg

The addition of a leaf as the apostrophe in the logo reinforces the all-natural aspect of the Ian's product line while also helping to maintain its friendly, approachable personality. And, the new packaging puts trust front and center—literally—by featuring quick-read panels with icons and "No____" descriptors (no gluten, no wheat, no eggs, no dairy) that make it instantly easy to understand what the products don't contain. This saves the shopper from having to turn the packaging over and search small-type ingredients lists.

"Even though the consumer wants to make the best choice possible," says Chuck Marble, chief executive officer, "there is still a great deal of doubt and confusion in the food allergy category. Our goal is to maintain the brand’s powerful promise and trust—just reach for Ian's—and our new packaging proves it in a very tangible way."