Performance Foodservice, Richmond, Va., launched a GreenBasis label for its branded foodservice disposable products that meet the company’s criteria for GreenBasis logoenvironmentally responsible manufacturing processes, product composition or product life cycle options. The GreenBasis label will be reserved for Silver Source and First Mark branded disposable products such as cups, napkins and cutlery. Products free of toxic materials or made from recycled content will receive the GreenBasis designation as will those verified as compostable, biodegradable, recyclable or reusable.

“Customers are looking for product offerings that support their sustainability efforts, particularly in the disposables category,” says Fred Sanelli, Sr., vice president of marketing, brands and sales development. “Our portfolio of GreenBasis products will continue to grow as we work with our manufacturing partners to develop products that meet our sustainability criteria.”

Restaurants, schools, hotels, healthcare facilities and other foodservice establishments concerned about the environmental impact of disposables can now turn to the GreenBasis initiative.

“Our GreenBasis program addresses sustainability on a number of fronts, including the manufacturing process, product makeup and the extent to which a product avoids the waste stream,” adds Sanelli. “This enables our customers using GreenBasis products to promote their sustainability efforts on several levels.”