Engineered to be “virtually” monitored and/or programmed remotely using current web browsers on a laptop, table or smartphone, the Frick Quantum HD refrigeration controller allows multiple operators to log in and securely adjust settings or verify capacities without disturbing the current screen as it appears live. The home screen gives a snapshot overview of the most important settings and values. Single-touch controls allow operators to change capacity control and setpoints, as well as the mode for the compressor, capacity slide and volume slide. The controller integrates with almost any refrigeration screw compressor package.

Johnson Controls



Automated to distribute CO2 snow in bulk packaging, the Praxair ColdFront even chill system eliminates inconsistent product temperatures when packing large volumes of product in bulk bins. With the push of a button, the system supplies controlled delivery of carbon dioxide snow, using an injection system; it can be adjusted to provide the optimum CO2 ratio to chill a variety of poultry, seafood and meat products. The system is designed, manufactured and accepted under the new USDA sanitation standards, and can handle both medium and high production rate systems. 

Praxair, Inc.



Consisting of specialized semi-trailers, straight-truck bodies and straight-truck chassis equipped with a hydraulic lift, the Demountable Concepts Warehouse on Wheels system is available in refrigerated and freezer versions. With the system, pre-loaded refrigerated or freezer straight-truck bodies are line-hauled in multiples via semi-trailer to a regional market where the bodies are demounted in a drop yard and stand on retractable legs. Then, locally domiciled straight-trucks mount individual bodies for their routes and begin their deliveries. The demountable cargo bodies are 100% interchangeable between the specialized semi-trailer chassis and straight-trucks.

Demountable Concepts, Inc.



With sliding glass doors, optional baskets, removable lids and Energy Star approval, the SPOT dual-temperature merchandiser is designed to display frozen or chilled grab-and-go items. Available in 32.25x32x37.5-inch and 44.25x32x37.5-inch sizes, the merchandiser transitions from frozen-solid subzero temperatures to frozen food temps with a single thermostat adjustment.  

Excellence Industries



Effective for small and medium-sized HVAC systems, GEA GLAC-CD air-cooled chillers are also suitable for facilities with small water-system contents and refrigeration ratings between 40 and 350 kW. The chillers operate in one or two refrigerant cycles with R 410A refrigerant and scroll compressors in a tandem configuration. Standard models operate with air-intake temperatures up to 46°C and can reduce the temperature of the cooling medium to -10°C. An SL version with sound insulation down to 11 dB(A) and an HE high-efficiency model in Eurovent Class A are also available.

GEA Group

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Available with operating temperatures from -20°F to 20°F, Mokon Iceman LT low-temperature chillers have nominal capacities up to 12 tons in both air- and water-cooled condensing. They come with a semi-hermetic discus compressor, cylinder unloading/hot gas bypass, NEMA-rated electrical enclosure with safety door disconnect switch and UL 508A-labeled electrical sub-panel. Green friendly, they utilize R-507 refrigerant and come with a microprocessor-based controller for straight-line control. The unit meets NFPA 79 electrical safety standards.




Designed for food safety, worker safety and energy efficiency, Colmac A+ Series refrigeration air coolers feature an antimicrobial fin material that actively kills pathogens. The low-temperature DX ammonia reduces system charge by 10 pounds/TR, and the smart hanger system makes for faster and safer installation. Plus, the high-performance glycol technology reduces power consumption by more than 30%, and the smart hot gas defrost shortens defrost duration while saving energy.

Colmac Coil Manufacturing Inc.



The Fusion Plus line now includes ENERGY STAR-qualified glass door merchandisers, coolers and freezers. These models feature increased pack-out space, LED lighting, a backlit graphic panel, noise-reducing technology, maximum product display design, adjustable shelving and a 3-year parts and labor warranty.