A.C. Covert Distributors, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, launched an exclusive brand of wild-caught seafood called Jail Island Seafood. Haddock fish

Catch that meets strict product specifications will be sourced from local fishers around the province, then branded and sold under the label Jail Island Seafood. The initial lineup is expected to be hook-and-line caught halibut, haddock and swordfish.

"The brand is designed to deliver on five key promises—to be fresh, local, premium, traceable and responsible," says Mike McGlone, general manager.

Besides being fresh and local, Jail Island Seafood is also tightly inspected to ensure no gaping, bruising or discoloration. Product will be coded to be traceable back to the vessel and date of catch.

"I think the attribute I'm most proud of is responsible," says McGlone. "We have a number of initiatives to ensure we're being socially and environmentally responsible. One of those is a 'Fisheries Improvement Fund,' whereby a percentage of all Jail Island sales will be earmarked for projects designed to improve the fishery in some fashion, whether it be gear improvements or more eco-friendly materials used during harvest and shipping. A panel of industry stakeholders—fishers, processors, scientists, chefs and retailers—are being invited to help identify and select worthy projects. We're not going to change the world or even the local industry and marketplace overnight, but we do believe we can help fill a gap in the marketplace in a way that will provide value to local fishers and consumers."

Jail Island Seafood products will be sold exclusively through A.C. Coverts and its redistributors.