Kontos Foods, Inc., Paterson, N.J., re-launched its SmartCarb flatbread as Greek Lifestyle Flatbread. This hand-stretched flatbread was specifically formulated to appeal to protein-seeking, carb-conscious consumers.

“With this flatbread, we invite health and weight-conscious consumers to welcome bread back into their kitchens,” says Steve Kontos, vice president. “Kontos Greek Lifestyle Flatbread represents a new category of healthful foods that promote wellness and enjoyment of life and eating. We formulated the Greek Lifestyle flatbread to give it a nutritional benefit profile similar to Greek yogurt—higher protein, lower carbs and fewer calories.”

The Greek Lifestyle flatbread boasts 15 grams of protein, 21 grams of carbohydrates, just 2 grams of sugar and 190 calories per serving.

Kontos Foods also launched authentic French-style Traditional and Savory Crepes. Dubbed the Lite, Elegant Skinny Wrap, it can be used to create low-calorie sandwiches, appetizers, meals and desserts and are significantly lower in calories, fat, carbohydrates and sodium vs. other breads and wraps.

“Kontos traditional and savory crepes are the Lite, Elegant Skinny Wrap that provide a great alternative to standard wraps, tortillas, bread, rolls or bagels. With less than half the carbs of a plain wrap and one-third the carbs of a hoagie roll, our crepes offer consumers a healthier alternative to create a delicious sandwich wrap, an impressive European-style meal, delicate hors d’oeuvres or unique desserts,” says Kontos.