The John Morrell Food Group, a Lisle, Ill.-based subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, introduced 40% lower sodium franks for foodservice operators. John Morrell lower sodium franks

Sold under the Armour and John Morrell brands, John Morrell uses a patented all-natural sodium replacer to give each frank a 2-ounce equivalent to beef/pork blends. Plus, they are CN-labeled for school lunch menus.

“With a rising awareness of sodium intake, we are interested in providing restaurant operators and patrons lower-sodium alternatives to some of the best-selling items on the menu,” says Chuck Gitkin, vice president of marketing, innovation and R&D. “We are using a breakthrough all-natural sodium alternative that allows for a 1:1 replacement of salt. The new franks do not compromise the taste and tradition that are hallmarks of the Armour and John Morrell brands.”