Safeway Inc., Pleasanton, Calif., launched LucernePlus Protein Dairy Beverage, a line of dairy drinks that provide at least 30% more protein and 30% less sugar thanSafeway Lucerne milk regular milk, 12 grams of protein per 1-cup serving vs. 9 grams in regular fat-free milk, and 8 grams of sugar vs. 12 grams in regular fat-free milk. Lucerne Plus Protein is also available in Reduced Fat and Reduced Fat Chocolate varieties.

"Lucerne Plus Protein is a delicious complement to a healthy diet," says Joe Ennen, senior vice president of consumer brands. "Moms can feel good about giving it to their families."

 Lucerne Plus Protein is made with wholesome Lucerne milk, which is then filtered to concentrate protein and remove sugar, yielding a nutritious dairy beverage.