Aware of the importance of saving energy at the loading dock, many facilities have made the investment in Vertical Storing Dock Levelers. However, the vertical TKO dock doorsleveler alone does not prevent energy loss; it provides facilities with the opportunity to save energy by removing the gaps created by a traditional pit-style dock leveler. It is the combination of the vertical storing leveler and a high-quality loading dock door that creates energy savings by completely sealing the building envelope.

That’s why TKO Dock Doors, Sussex, Wis., created the VertiCool door, what is said to be the only door specifically designed for use with vertical storing dock levelers.

Features include:

• A 4-inch thick R-23 insulated panel that mirrors the insulated wall panel for superior thermal protection.

• 48-inch panel heights, reducing the number of panel joints by 50% for energy efficiency and easy cleaning.

• Dual compression side seals, which are mounted to the door panel to prevent damage and maintain effectiveness.

• A closed-cell foam interior, which prevents moisture accumulation and door damage.

• A heavy-duty polymer thermal break track the runs the full opening height.

• UV-stabilized exterior-painted aluminum skin.

• Dual overlapping header seal and compression loop bottom seals to maintain a consistent seal around all sides of the door.

For more on the VertiCool, check out the Energy Management section of Refrigerated & Frozen Foods’ September 2013 issue, which includes an exclusive interview with TKO Dock Doors.

TKO Dock Doors, a unit of 4Front Engineered Solutions, Inc.