Packaging, Material Handling Products

Liberty Technologies, Vienna, Ohio, introduced four new packaging and material handling products and services.

The new products include:

  • Liberty stretch wrappers, designed for general purpose and extra-tough applications.
  • Liberty lifter for effective load positioning for assembly, loading or lifting applications. Comes in a wide variety of table-top sizes and attachments.
  • Liberty loader, designed for maintaining a comfortable height for manual loading and unloading of pallets. A ring-style turntable is standard to reduce stretching and unnecessary steps.
  • Infinity, engineered films consist of an ultra high-performance stretch film for industrial, manufacturing, foodservice and beverage applications.

Liberty Technologies, a Millwood, Inc. company


Pallet Dispenser, Bottle Case Packer, Water-Activated Case Sealer

Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., Inc., Brewerton, N.Y., introduced a bevy of new packaging equipment solutions.

First is its next generation hydraulic-free pallet dispenser/stacker, which replaced its traditional hydraulic drive system with heavy-duty electronically powered mechanical components. In addition to eliminating the potential for oil spills or leaks, the units are energy efficient. These continuous performance automatic pallet dispenser/stackers are built for demanding palletizing environments and store up to 15 wood or plastic pallets (expandable to 20). Also available with drag chain and roller conveyor sections, the system can be configured to the optimal plant layout. Pallets can be transferred from either side or rear of the machine. Pallets can also transfer to either floor or conveyor level. The low-level detection feature automatically alerts when pallets are low. The touch-screen HMI has a multi-lingual option. 

Next is the Bottle Packer Row case packer, which is ideal for packing blow molded plastic HDPE, PET, PVC, PP and other bottles into service cartons with or without liner bags. The Robox BPR packs a wide variety of bottles and configurations, packing one row at a time and orienting the bottle necks facing either up, down or alternating necks up or down by row or even every other bottle. The Robox can also pack lay down layers on top of the case to maximize the number of bottles packed. Capable of throughputs of more than 160 bottles per minute, the system is available with a wide range of standard options for tooling, layer pad, bottle inversion and liner bag handling, and comes in a variety of standard floor plans to minimize the footprint.

The ProAdjust is an add-on solution that automatically adjusts the changeover points of most machines, such as fillers, cartoners, stamping presses, laser cutters, mixers, case packers, palletizers and case loaders. ProAdjust is a self-contained system consisting of a controller and integrated PowerPacks that provide the motion. The system is specifically designed to meet the requirements of what an auto-adjust system needs to be while being easy to implement. The system is scalable from one to hundreds of adjustment points. Wiring is plug-and-go, and most importantly, no programming is required. ProAdjust uses a simple point-and-click touch-screen interface for one-time machine setup and features an easy setup for creating and editing “recipes.”

The Robox BPR is said to be the next generation of Bottle Packer Row (PBR) case packers. Ideal for packing blow molded plastic HDPE, PET, PVC, PP and other bottles into service cartons with or without liner bags, this workhorse is now completely modular, allowing for faster deliveries and improved returns. The Robox BPR packs a wide variety of bottles and configurations, packing one row at a time and orienting the bottle necks facing either up, down or alternating necks up or down by row or even every other bottle. The Robox can also pack lay down layers on top of the case to maximize the number of bottles packed. Capable of throughputs of more than 160 bottles per minute, the system is available with a wide range of standard options for tooling, layer pad, bottle inversion and liner bag handling. The system is also available in a variety of standard floor plans to minimize the footprint. The Robox BPR utilizes a FANUC robot for the flexibility to accommodate multiple bottle sizes and pack configurations. Quick change tooling allows for rapid changeovers to maintain high overall equipment effectiveness, even for short production runs. The Rockwell PLC and HMI simplify operation and maintenance. And, the system is completely self-contained and portable, making installation and startup a snap.

Lastly, Schneider’s newest automatic random, water-activated tape case sealer—the SR5000WAT—is equipped with a servo-driven sensing head to measure box heights and dramatically increase case throughput. The SR5000WAT automatically indexes random size cases from a powered infeed conveyor, automatically folds all top flaps and applies recyclable, pilfer-resistant, water-activated tape to the top and bottom of the case. Designed for 24/7 duty, the SR5000WAT seals up to 25 cases per minute with perfect application, adhesion and cut every time, no operator required. Safety features include complete interlocked safety guarding and box jam sensors to protect the sealed product. Built in modular steel construction with heavy duty, corrosion-resistant, aluminum components makes it lightweight and allows for easy component changes. 

Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., Inc.


Robotic Automation Solutions

Adept Technology, Inc., Pleasanton, Calif., introduced primary and secondary food packaging robots and peripherals designed specifically to help food processors meet new government safety and sanitation mandates, lower plant operating costs, decrease waste and future-proof packaging lines.

A primary or secondary packaging line that combines Adept’s robotic components, application software and game-changing SoftPIC gripper/grasper technology can yield significant productivity gains while improving safety and sanitary conditions.

For example, the SoftPIC grippers are designed specifically for primary packaging of raw protein and fruits and vegetables.

Adept Technology, Inc.


Packaging Line Integration Technology

Pro Mach, Cincinnati, Ohio, demonstrated a new line-integration technology called RAPID Line Integration from Rockwell Automation, Inc., Milwaukee, Wis.

RAPID uses the Packaging Machine Language (PackML) to enable easier linkage between machinery across an entire packaging operation. This allows plant managers to monitor machines in a connected and standardized format, giving them visibility into the throughput of each machine and a centralized view of overall line performance.

RAPID provides a flexible approach to integrating packaging machines and lines by allowing a single location to set up, control and analyze the performance of an entire line. This configurable line-control solution provides instantaneous overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) reports on a packaging line and actionable error reporting, while saving time during installation and startup.

Unlike legacy systems that require operators to stop the line for each changeover, line-integration systems allow operators to make seamless changes, even those that impact the line’s mechanical or electrical makeup, such as changeover to a newly redesigned package.

RAPID also helps lower the total cost of deploying and operating equipment because it uses a platform that easily interfaces with performance-management systems.

Pro Mach, Inc.


Tube Stock Sealer for Food Bag Makers

Rennco, a Homer, Mich.-based division of Pro Mach, Inc., unveiled its new tube stock sealer for manufacturers and food processing companies.

This new stainless-steel sealer makes empty 3-sided bags from a variety of tube stock material at a lower cost than using pre-made bags. Bag materials include poly, PVC and barrier films. The new sealer comes in two models— a 20-inch version that converts bags 5-18 inches wide and a 32-inch model that converts bags 5-30 inches wide. Both models produce food quality bags up to 48 inches long.

The robust unit is easy to clean and maintain, making it an ideal sealer for any manufacturer or food processor that needs to make cost-effective, ready-to-load bags in a compact footprint. 



Detection Solution with Distance, Angular Positioning

LeddarTech, Canada, debuted Leddar Sensor, a detection solution that offers both distance and angular positioning while performing a continuous analysis of surroundings.

This sensor boasts a refresh rate up to 200Hz with 16 independent segments. Plus, it’s tailored to meet a variety of applications, including finished products, OEM and more.

LeddarTech Inc.


Applying NFC to Pouch Packaging

iZipline, LLC, Sarasota, Fla., teamed up with EVRYTHNG, a UK-based software company, to create a patent-pending NFC application for pouch packaging, designed to accelerate the end-to-end capabilities of iZipline’s PackageTagz technology.

PackageTagz is a patent-pending technology for applying Near Field Communications (NFC) to a pouch and other packaging for consumer products. PackageTagz provides instant engagement between brands and the consumer's mobile device for product recall, track and trace, brand protection, mobile marketing and related analytics.

PackageTagz applies NFC as the package is produced. The NFC tag is coded and tethered to iZipline's software platform to deliver data and content when the package is tapped by a consumer's mobile device. This interaction between the tag and a consumer's device is tracked to produce valuable analytics for the brand manager, manufacturer or regulatory agency.

iZipline, LLC


Handheld Printer

EBS Ink-Jet Systems USA, Inc., Libertyville, Ill., exhibited its new line of printers for packaging applications.

The EBS-6500 features a proprietary iModule reservoir that uses quick-release ink and solvent containers that are changed in a matter of mere seconds. Its touch-screen display prints crisp, multilingual alphanumeric text and barcodes for exacting in-line product and package coding.

The EBS-250 HandJet printer is the ultimate lightweight compact hand-held printer. It weighs in at less than two pounds, including its on-board rechargeable battery and ink cartridge.Plus, itprovides fast, clean printing on a variety of corrugated materials such as metal, glass and plastic substrates.

Lastly, the EBS-260 HandJet printer prototype is a revolutionary new printer that features high-quality logo printing and up to four lines of information at one time. Its full-color touch screen displays the message being printed and battery level. It stores up to 1,000 messages, has an ergonomically-friendly handle and can be mounted on a production line.

EBS Ink-Jet Systems USA, Inc.


Heat Shrink Gun with Cold-Nozzle Technology

Ripack, Franklin Park, Ill., introduced its new Ripack 3000 heat shrink gun.

With patented cold-nozzle design and 360-degree free rotations, the Ripack 3000 is easy to use, efficient, safe and virtually maintenance-free. It possesses 76kW BTUs of power and a 360-degree nozzle with extension wands to increase reach. Because of its higher heat capability and patented cold-nozzle technology, the Ripack 3000 saves time by 15% without risk of burns.

The trigger incorporates an Allen wrench to unscrew the body, enabling easy maintenance of the gun. The Ripack 3000 igniter can be easily replaced without tools in less than a minute, and the ergonomic bi-material handle makes for a more comfortable, improved grip.

Ripack Inc.


X-Ray Inspection System

Loma’s flagship X⁵ x-ray inspection system incorporates new features, such as ease of cleaning and reduced maintenance, to deliver maximum uptime in round-the-clock manufacturing sites whilst identifying and rejecting the smallest contaminants, such as metals, glass, PVC, bone, rubber, stones and ingredient clumps. Under- and overweight packs can also be eliminated from the packing line, along with irregular and improperly packaged items and packs with incorrect content levels. Inspection data can be automatically monitored and extracted to provide an effective and reliable audit trail for each production run.

The new X⁵ x-ray inspection system is powered by a Windows-based operation system, which allows it to deliver accurate, reliable product control at lines speeds up to 90 packs per minute. It also features Adaptive Array Technology (AAT), and the touch screen has been designed and tested to IP69k, which is robust enough to survive the harshest environment and washdown specification.

The belt itself comes in a choice of widths—300, 500 and 600mm—to suit individual requirements. A sideways-opening door provides safe and easy access to the cabinet interior for quick serviceability.

And, it comes with a “green” bonus. The advanced x-ray technology delivers high-quality visual images with energy-efficient power consumption. For example, the control panel, which is housed in a brushed stainless-steel cabinet, features a 12-inch color touch-screen with USB connectivity, and incorporates a clear and easily cleaned dome signal lamp, which displays the unit’s status at a glance. 

Loma Systems


Flexible Chain Conveyor

Dorner’s new 2200 SmartFlex flexible chain conveyor gives customers the ability to build complete 2200 SmartFlex conveyor assemblies to their exact layout dimensions and view it in 3D within minutes.

One of the many strengths of the 2200 SmartFlex is product transfers. Accessories such as infeed and exit power transfers allow for smooth end transfers for products as small as 3-inch diameter. The 2200 SmartFlex is engineered to seamlessly integrate with Dorner’s other 2200 Series low-profile belt conveyor platforms.

Specifications, features and benefits of the 2200 SmartFlex include:

•             Ideal for the food and packaging applications.

•             Aluminum single-piece frame.

•             Navigates very tight corners with wheel and plain bend options.

•             Multiple product transfer options for end and side transfers.

•             Available widths of 65, 105 and 150 mm.

•             Speeds up to 250 feet per minute.

•             Load capacity up to 600 pounds.

•             Multiple chain types, including low friction, friction insert, conductive, cleated, roller top and magnet top.

Dorner Mfg. Corp.


Pick-and-Place, Product Orientation Systems and Shrink Wrappers

Polypack, Pinellas Park, Fla., introduced a new pick-and-place machine that uses the patented ROKH system to pick up small, unstable products that are delivered in pucks and place them directly onto the film for shrink wrapping. This new system uses servo motors for quick and easy changeovers as well as precision adjustments to deliver smooth handling of small, unstable products.

It also introduced a new shrink wrapper designed to pick up pouches and place them directly onto the film for shrink wrapping. Using Polypack's patented Pick & Place system, this new machine transfers the pouches from the infeed conveyor onto a bucket conveyor, where they remain for the entire shrink wrap process. This patented system eliminates unnecessary product transfers. By shrink wrapping pouches in multipack configuration, end-users can eliminate corrugated and chipboard dividers from their master cases, resulting in a dramatic decrease in material costs.

Also, the new product orientation systems rotate products to a specific point for label orientation and handle orientation. These orientation systems are particularly useful for retail packaging applications (shrink sleeve and shrink bundling), where outward facing labels are required.

Polypack, Inc.