Sleeving Machine, Universal Bagmaker, Endload Cartoner

Kliklok-Woodman, Decatur, Ga., introduced new packaging machinery.

For starters, the Enterprise, the new 200-cpm endload cartoner, was designed from the ground up with centerlining capabilities to help end users achieve predictable and consistent OEE performance. Its fast-assembly modular design allows multiple infeed options, including adjustable article buckets and an overhead confiner for bag-in-box applications. The IP-65-rated Enterprise features Kliklok’s servo-profiled rotary carton feeder, a barrel-cam inserter and KW’s Insight touch screen HMI.

The CLS120 Cascade Loading Systemis an independent product handling unit featuring fully adjustable
3-stage vertical rotor vanes that provide collation, stacking and transfer of bags, sachets, ready meals and pizzas. Multiple units can be integrated to meet high-speed line requirements. The product timing system consists of 3-stage rotary drop stations, which align the incoming product timing to the position of the output device, most commonly a moving cartoner PIC pocket.

The Eco Sleever offers ecologically friendly and economical packaging. This sustainable endload cartoner slides trays of refrigerated and frozen products into open-ended sleeves rather than fully sealed 6-sided cartons. Removing the end flaps reduces the paperboard needed, and designing smaller sleeve further reduces the paperboard costs. The Eco Sleever is already a low-power machine (only 16 amps at 240—less than an electric clothes dryer), but no end flaps to seal eliminates a hot melt glue system, further reducing power use. There’s also less equipment and consumables to purchase, thus contributing to a greener facility.

Woodman’s Apache Bagmakerwas upgraded to feature continuous motion operation. The Apache CM can produce up to 160 bags per minute for a variety of products with a wide package size and format flexibility. The Apache CM is designed for ease of operator use and has a low-profile flex-mount machine frame, allowing direct mounting of filling systems, including weighers, augers and volumetric cup fillers. 



Engineering Tool Simplifies Modular Machine Programming

Lenze Americas, Uxbridge, Mass., simplified efficient machine programming with the launch of its FAST application template and ready-made standard software modules.

The FAST tool provides a complete range of standard software modules for positioning, registration, cam profiling, multi-conveyor coordination and other synchronized motion control tasks, including modules for feeding, unwinding, sealing, cross-sealing and discharging applications. The pre-configured software modules are designed to significantly expedite machine programming.

The FAST application template comes equipped with all of the necessary structures for standardizing software, so users can more quickly develop machine modules. This allows a significant reduction in engineering and software development time and expense. The template includes important structures for key functions, including switching over machine states, error handling and communication interfaces.

Machine motion and control functions are contained in individual autonomous modules, which can be selected, exchanged and tested completely and independently.

Lenze Americas Corp.


Vision Laser System, Barcode Readers

Cognex, Natick, Mass., released a handful of vision and ID systems.

For instance, its image-based ID Readers are rapidly replacing laser scanners in a wide range of manufacturing and logistics applications because they are said to offer the most advanced technology available for reading 1-D barcodes and 2-D Data Matrix codes. Image-based barcode reading technology results in higher read rates, longer life and performance feedback.

The DataMan 50 and 60 Seriesbarcode readers target applications typically solved using single-line or raster laser scanners.

In-Sight vision systems can be easily integrated with any factory network or automation control system and feature an optional operator display panel for monitoring the runtime operation of any In-Sight vision system on the network. The In-Sight 7010C is an entry-level color vision system that features 24-bit color resolution and accurately identifies 16 million color variations, which is more than the human eye can detect. Along with the In-Sight 7010C, Cognex also introduced three additional color models—the In-Sight 7200C, 7400C and 7402C. These systems solve more complex applications involving logic or color composition, as well as those requiring higher resolution or faster execution.                                                                 

The DS1000 Series 3D displacement sensor optimizes product quality by providing 3-dimensional inspection of products. Unlike traditional 2D machine vision, the DS1000 series laser profiler provides a topographical representation of parts that can be measured in 3D such as length, width, height, tilt or volume relative to any surface. It also simplifies challenging OCR or presence/absence applications by creating contrast from height changes, independent of color.

Cognex Corp.


Rotary Screw Compressor

Kaeser Compressors, Fredericksburg, Va., showcased the newly redesigned BSD rotary screw compressor series.

Available in 40, 50 and 60 hp with flows from 157-294 cfm and pressures to 217 psig, the new BSD compressors deliver "built-for-a-lifetime" reliability, simple maintenance and sustainable energy savings.

The BSD series exemplifies energy efficiency thanks to a combination of true direct drive design, premium efficiency motors, lower internal pressure differentials and optimized airends. Specific power is improved by up to 6%. In addition, built-in heat recovery options bring the energy savings potential to the next level.

New features include an enhanced cooling design, eco-friendly filter element, integral moisture separator with drain and an Electronic Thermal Management system. BSD compressors also come standard with Sigma Control 2. BSD models are also available with an integrated dryer for premium compressed air quality.

Kaeser Compressors


Freezer-Grade Rollstock

Clear Lam Packaging, Elk Grove Village, Ill., introduced new freezer-grade rollstock made from recycled polyethylene terephthlate (RPET). This proprietary product line is designed to perform in tough frozen applications and exhibit high tolerances to processing techniques, such as blast freezing, while optimizing performance requirements throughout the product’s life cycle. New product offerings include Form PET 512 and Form PET 513 and are available in clear, black and custom color pigments.

The rollstock is designed for industrial thermoforming lines and packaging produced on form-fil- seal equipment. Blending the compounded additives with the virgin PET resin and RPET flake improves the overall impact strength of the finished containers. As a result, the rollstock is lightweight, strong and performs in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 165°F without compromising quality. The material’s improved performance in sub-zero temperatures resists cracking, providing a more attractive package that maintains its integrity.

Clear Lam Packaging, Inc.


In-Line Pressure-Sensitive Labeler

NJM Packaging, Lebanon, N.H., introduced the new Model 326 AUTOCOLTIV, a fast and versatile in-line pressure-sensitive labeler with servo-driven precision and reliability. The AUTOCOLT labels square, rectangular and round bottles at speeds up to 300 containers per minute, applying a variety of label configurations, including wrap-around, multi-panel and optional outserts.

The 326 AUTOCOLT IV handles containers from 1-14 inches in height and from 1-5 inches in diameter. It can be equipped for optional e-pedigree serialization, RFID tagging and other track-and-trace initiatives.

Plus, the AUTOCOLT IV features a new control system, including servo and AC motors to maximize performance accuracy and minimize maintenance. Allen-Bradley servo drives are managed by an Allen-Bradley programmable automation controller that easily connect with other system components via the EtherNet/IP network.  

The AUTOCOLT IV is built from heavy-duty stainless steel and anodized aluminum with rugged, high-quality components to offer extreme durability and long equipment life. Its cabinet-style base features an electrical enclosure on a pull-out drawer for easy maintenance. This enclosure features a new base plate, which minimizes dust in the electrical cabinet and allows the labeler to be picked up with a forklift, if needed.

NJM Packaging


Ultrasonic Pouch Sealing Systems for Flexible Packaging

Rinco Ultrasonics, Danbury, Conn., expanded its line of FPA Series ultrasonic pouch sealing systems for flexible packaging and liquid foods.

The FPA 4500-T is a high-force, high-speed unit for top seal bonding of pouches up to 155 mm wide. The single access panel allows for improved serviceability, and it features a state-of-the-art washdown-resistant coating.

Plus, the overall width of the unit was reduced from 11 inches wide to 7.73 inches wide, making it easier to utilize in duplex and triplex installations.

Made primarily of stainless-steel and ceramic-reinforced Teflon PTFE-coated components, the FPA 4500-T incorporate Rinco’s patented PPS0145 seal technology and features a rigid actuator capable of rapidly generating the clamp forces required to seal pouches with minimal cycle time.

Rinco Ultrasonics USA Corp.


Robotic Mixed-Load Order Fulfillment Solution

Cincinnati-based Intelligrated introduced two new capabilities to its line of mixed-load automated order fulfillment solutions.

For example, Alvey robotic mixed-load palletizers utilize configurable end-of-arm tooling, software and controls to handle multiple product types. These features allow manufacturers and distributors to replace manual handling processes with automation.

Also, the scalable variety pack order fulfillment system uses flexible end-of-arm tooling to automate tasks such as case packing and unpacking, depalletizing and product singulation. This allows retailers to accommodate consumer preferences for variety packs.

Both options utilize advanced robotics and software technology to automate the creation of mixed-SKU pallet loads, retail-ready displays and variety pack cases. They also integrate with other automated system components such as software, conveyors and sortation and order picking systems.



Thermoformer, Semi-Automatic Tray Sealer

MULTIVAC, Kansas City, Mo., introduced the F 100 Thermoformer, an entry-level thermoforming packaging machine designed to process a range of packaging materials. This high-quality, durable machine offers short lead time for fast deliveries, features an easy-to-use touch display HMI 2.0 user interface and is suitable for the production of packaging with a modified atmosphere and controlled oxygen content.

Meanwhile, the T 200 Semi-Automatic Tray Sealer is a medium-sized, compact machine that features a hygienic design and single operating system. Easy operation is done with just a few keys. Plus, it can recall programs for various applications. Tooling can be completed in less than five minutes for new tray sizes and shapes, and it is equipped with a newly developed sealing system that includes special support for sealing pressure. The upper web is cut precisely along the outer contour of the tray, resulting in packages with smooth edges, making them easy to grip, stack and repackage.



Resealable Packaging Solutions

Zip-Pak, Manteno, Ill., featured an assortment of new flexible packaging solutions.

For starters, the Pour & Lok resealable packaging solution combines easy opening with pour spout functionality. A press-to-close, foldable zipper is pre-applied to film in the side gusset, creating a partial opening that forms the package’s easy-to-use pour spout.

The Zip360 resealable pouch features a wide opening for easy access to contents. The pour-spout functionality reseals two ways for neater stacking. It also accepts full-panel graphics for more visual impact at point of purchase.

The Vector Resealable Matrix Fastener closes on itself with no end termination, enabling consumers to easily scoop and pour package contents with full perimeter resealability.

Also new is Zipbox, a hybrid packaging format that combines flexible and rigid packaging into a value-added solution. Zipbox is co-developed with T.H.E.M., Marlton, N.J.

Zip-Pak, a division of Illinois Tool Works, Inc.


Conveyor Technology for Great Internal Logistics Flexibility

Attention North American logistics professionals—Interroll’s new EC310 24V DC RollerDrive and ConveyorControl technology helps lower operating costs while enabling greater internal logistics flexibility in major distribution centers.

Here’s a breakdown of other operational advantages:

Energy reduction. The EC310 24V solution greatly reduces energy costs. Up to 50% of energy consumption in automated logistics goes to conveyance—roughly 50% more than is consumed in heating and ventilation. The EC310 reduces this energy consumption by up to 30% compared to conventional systems, conserving energy (and reducing noise) by running individual conveyors only when containers are present, with exceptional acceleration and braking.

Fast and easy configuration. The EC310 integrates seamlessly into new or existing logistics systems with its compact, integral 24V DC motor, electronics and gears, all designed to simplify systems planning and construction. The units eliminate PLC programming and reduce commissioning time. The IP54-protected casing quickly installs in a side-profile position with bus-connected controls directly mounted along the main power supply’s continuous ribbon cable to eliminate cable-stripping and other tedious assembly tasks.

Intelligent conveyance flow. The ConveyorControl delivers flexibility by dividing conveyor systems into individual zones and segments for controlling speed, rotation direction and logic. An integral controller guarantees a constant conveyor speed in the specific load-bearing area. With nine gear ratios, the drive can be adapted to virtually any application.

Reduced maintenance and longer service life. The EC310 is maintenance-free and requires no additional lubrication. In addition, the EC310’s Run on Demand Technology ensures less wear by running only when needed. When a unit needs to be replaced, the internal gear motor simplifies the process.

Interroll Corp.


Innovative Packaging Component that Includes Spoon in Product’s Lid

EcoTensil, Inc., Corte Madera, Calif., expanded their offerings of ultra-green tasting utensils to include SpoonLidz, a packaging component that provides the convenience of an included spoon right on the product’s lid.

SpoonLidz are placed over the seal on single-serve cups, and convert to spoons in one easy fold. SpoonLidz help differentiate and add value to single-serve products by adding the convenience of an included spoon, ideal for in-store cafés, delis, ice cream/yogurt stores, schools and more.

SpoonLidz are available in custom sizes and are printed with FDA-approved inks, making them a unique packaging choice for single-serve products such as yogurt, cottage cheese, fruit cups, ice cream and more.

All of EcoTensil’s products, including SpoonLidz, are manufactured from renewable paperboard.

Eco-Tensil, Inc.


Drive Applications, Gear Motors

Siemens Industry, Inc., Elk Grove Village, Ill., introduced its new single-axis Sinamics V20 drive for basic applications featuring short commissioning times. The Sinamics V20 comes in four frame sizes covering the performance range from 1/6–20hp, and is used to operate pumps, fans, compressors and conveyor systems, as well as simple drive tasks in the processing and handling industries. This compact drive can be connected directly inline and mounted as a push-through installation. Additionally, the integrated basic operator panel (BOP) enables trouble-free on-site commissioning and operation. Besides the universal serial interfaces that allow for easy connection to Simatic PLC controllers, a Modbus interface is also included for communication with third-party controls. Parameters that have been optimized for one application can easily be transferred to other units using SD or MMC cards via the BOP interface or the battery-operated parameter loader—even without powering up the drive. Tailored inter-connectivity and application macros (i.e. for pumps, fans and compressors) provide the correct settings for the particular application. The Keep Running Mode automatically adapts the Sinamics V20 drive to the power supply to achieve higher availability when operated on unstable networks. Due to the enhanced cooling concept and coated PCBs and electronic components, the Sinamics V20 is extremely rugged, both electrically and mechanically, making the unit reliable even in harsh environments.

Siemens also introduced Simogear, a new gear motor series for conveyor applications in the packaging industry. Simogear features helical, parallel shaft and helical bevel gear unit types with integral high efficient and NEMA Premium efficient motors. In addition, the new series is especially well-equipped to meet the requirements of modern conveyor systems, including those found in the warehousing, logistics, distribution and food and beverage industries. The Simogear two-stage helical bevel unit, with a mechanical efficiency of up to 96%, is said to average 2% higher efficiency than competitive three-stage units.

Siemens Industry, Inc.


Bag Sealing, Shrink Wrapper

Plexpack, Canada, introduced a series of bag sealing and shrink wrapping equipment.

For instance, the Emplex MPS 6520 bag/pouch sealer is equipped with roller bed infeed and updated emboss coder.

The Emplex ACS 7300 bag/pouch sealer features auto-infeed rails, an air compression belt, new PLC and color operator and HMI for data acquisition and seal detection.

The Emplex MPS 7500 bag/pouch sealer boasts increased sealing power, a roller bed infeed and a rugged product conveyor to handle heavy wall bags or bags with gussets.

The Damark S4 Combination L-Bar sealer and shrink tunnel features a hot knife seal bar and automatic takeaway conveyor inside the tunnel chamber.

And, the Damark SST-16 shrink tunnel is designed to shrink tamper-evident shrink bands or full-body shrink sleeves.



Vehicle Terminal for Forklifts, Industrial Trucks

Noax Technologies, Charlotte, N.C., redesigned its C12 industrial computer to focus specifically on the requirements of the logistics industry.

Thanks to its slim dimensions, the new noax vehicle terminal is best suited for use with forklifts and industrial trucks, as well as applications in both inventory management and transport logistics.

The optimized WLAN properties ensure reliability, even for mobile applications. Coupled with the renowned noax ruggedness, these features mean the new C12 design is well suited for order picking, inventory management, truck dispatching or the transport of heavy loads.

The reconstructed C12 industrial PC also features improved housing and internal components, such as slim dimensions, improved flexibility and numerous options for user-specific configuration.

The WLAN antennas are integrated into the front frame to prevent them from breaking off. Alternatively, the antennas can be installed outside the device, like on the roof of the forklift, for example. If WLAN is not available but data still needs to be transferred to the company network, the newest noax device also offers the option to transfer data via WWAN, such as UMTS. noax can also integrate the Bluetooth functionality for data transmission with wireless barcode scanners, thereby simplifying handling during order picking operations. The C12’s durable design means it is also suitable for use in cold chain logistics up to -30°C.

noax Technologies Corp.