Largest Volume HPP System

Avure Technologies, Franklin, Tenn., unveiled the new QFP 525L-600 (525 liters), what is said to the largest volume high-pressure processing (HPP) system available to date.

The 525L delivers an unprecedented 8,135 pounds (3,690 kg) of HPP processing per hour, a quantum increase in throughput over current industry offerings. The 525L’s improved filling and pressurizing efficiencies achieve 10 cycles per hour with a 3-minute hold time. A 3-inch expansion in vessel diameter, to 18.5 inches, accommodates larger-size packages.

Although it more than doubles existing throughput levels, the 525L does not require an equivalent increase in floor space. It also streamlined installation protocols to shorten production time. For enhanced safety, key machine systems are individually alarmed, while a sole plate with pre-located bolt-down points secure the frame support structure for further stability and reliability. And, redesigned component configurations reduce spare parts wear while providing quicker technician access and dramatically reducing time required to replace worn parts.

Avure Technologies Inc.
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Processing Innovations with Expanded Hygiene Solutions

JBT FoodTech, Sandusky, Ohio, continues to build its full product portfolio with expanded hygiene solutions, more quality control and added cost savings.

For instance, it upgraded the Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT (GC) M10 Tight Curve Spiral Freezer with a Hygiene-by-Design freezing solution that uses no recycled cleaning materials and delivers a 100% cleanable product zone. Upgraded features on the GC M10 TC include a fully seam-welded enclosure and an optional steam-in-freezer defrost and sanitation system. The GC M10 TC also features a hygienic coil design and a stronger FRIGoBELT conveyor. With its 42-inch wide tight curve belt, this high-capacity, wide belt freezer solution comes in an enclosure box that is only 15x9. In addition, the GC M10 TC utilizes a self-stacking stainless-steel belt and internal single pass clean-in-place system to make cleaning the entire spiral freezer automatic. For increased uptime, JBT FoodTech optimized the design of the freezer’s fan-driven air balance tunnel to minimize the amount of moisture entering the spiral through the infeed and outfeed openings, and provides an optional robust solution for sequential defrost.

For the latest advancements in waterjet portioning and increased quality control, the DSI 800 Series Portioner and DSI J-Scan Inspection System features the DSI Q-Link software scanning technology. The DSI 800 allows processors flexibility and quick changeover to address the differing needs of a variety of products. With the DSI J-Scan, the in-line product scanning system is ideal for 100% inspection applications. The J-Scan provides corrective feedback to operators using upstream processing equipment or via high-speed, precision sorting of naturally occurring items ranging in size from poultry portions to pork bellies. The J-Scan also provides the ability to simulate runs and make adjustments in seconds, while achieving greater yield and even greater payback. As an added benefit, the DSI Q-LINK Data Center provides processors with desktop or smartphone access to current and historical DSI production data, delivering real-time visibility of process data to enhance process control and improvement efforts.

For cooking developments, JBT FoodTech showcased the Stein ProGrill. Typically used in conjunction with linear and spiral ovens, the Stein ProGrill features heated platens that sear the outside of the product being cooked. The continuous belt grill delivers product attributes, adds cooking capacity to the line and improves product yield.

JBT FoodTech, a division of JBT Corp.


Stand-up Pouches, Anti-Fog Bags

Automated Packaging Systems, Streetsboro, Ohio, introduced new stand-up pouches for its SidePouch FAS SPrint Revolution Bagging System. Available in sizes from 4 to 12 inches wide and 5 to 16.75 inches long, gussets are 2-8 inches wide in 1-inch increments. These pouches can be pre-printed in up to 10 colors and are laminated for gloss, stiffness and excellent tear properties.

The AirPouch FastWrap protective packaging system produces cellular cushioning wrap and air-filled tubes on demand. This portable, bench-top unit reduces the storage and shipping costs of large, bulky rolls of pre-filled protective wrapping material by producing the material as needed at the packing station. New 24-inch wide FastWrap material features the exclusive channel-filled honeycomb design found only in AirPouch products, allowing for multi-directional wrapping and improved product protection.

APS also debuted new laminated Autobag bags-on-a-roll, which provide a high-gloss finish for maximum brand impact and superior retail shelf appeal. These bags meld 48 gauge polyester (PET) to a clear or white LLDPE sealant layer that can be pre-printed in up to 10 colors, including PMS and metallic inks. Lamination protects the printing between the layers of film, guarding it from abrasion and enhancing color and sheen.

Meanwhile, the SidePouch anti-fog specialty bags are engineered for clarity in fresh produce applications where product respiration creates condensation inside the bag. Anti-fog low-density polyethylene film features a special additive that reduces the film’s surface tension, spreading moisture into a thin sheet, eliminating fog and improving product visibility. Anti-fog bags are compatible with inline imprinters for lot-/date-codes, can be pre-printed in up to nine colors and are available with reclosable zippers.

Automated Packaging Systems, Inc.


Ultra High-Speed Continuous Ink

Videojet Technologies Inc., Wood Dale, Ill., debuted a line of new ultra high-speed (UHS) ink for its line of UHS continuous inkjet printers.

Ideal for refrigerated and frozen food applications, the V530-D MEK-free, fast-dry general purpose black ink features an excellent adhesion on plastics, metals, paper, wood, ceramic and glass.

V530-D is a patented high-performance ink that comes in an environmentally-friendly MEK-free formula. V530-D is specially designed for printing onto various hard-to-code plastics such as untreated polyethylene and polypropylene substrates typically found in the food packaging industry.

V530-D endures cold temperatures resulting from storage in commercial freezers and refrigerators, and can withstand abrasions caused by product-to-product contact during stacking and production line transport.
Videojet Technologies Inc.

Compact Pallet Lift

Qimarox introduced Prorunner mk9, a compact and robust pallet lift that can effortlessly transport pallets up to 1,500 kilograms up or down, at 60 pallets per hour. Thanks to its modular design, the lift is durable and maintenance friendly and can be easily integrated into any environment without further engineering.

The Prorunner mk9 comes standard with a lifting platform of 1,200 x 1,200 millimeters. This means that the lift can handle not only euro pallets, but also product carriers with different formats like 1200 x 1000 or 1200 x 1200 mm.

Because the complete construction and drive are concealed on one side, pallets can be fed in and out along three sides. The Prorunner mk9 can also use a single machine to supply multiple infeed or outfeed conveyors, so that the lift can also be used for, for example, vertical sorting. The drive consists of a standard SEW electric motor, which can be attached at floor level or at the level of the intermediate floor. The lifting movement in the Prorunner mk9 is taken care of by steel cables in a durable plastic case. These cables ensure that lifting is silent and require virtually no maintenance, unlike when using chains, cables no longer need lubricating or tightening.

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Imaging Suite Featuring Braille, Color Verification

Complete Inspection Systems, Indialantic, Fla., introduced AutoProof Pro Imaging Suite 3.6 for Windows 7, featuring advanced document inspection, verification and proofreading solutions for the printing and packaging industries. This software compares incoming materials to manufacturer’s proofs or PDF files, including the comparison of artwork revisions and regulatory documents to formatted inserts. Master and sample documents are automatically aligned and easily compared within the Docu-Match module.  The system produces a digital overlay with any differences highlighted for the operator to review. Documents can be digital or can be acquired from a wide variety of input devices, customized to fit your business needs. Using high-resolution wide sheet scanners, the system can scan documents up to 44 in² (~112 cm²) in a single pass. Multi-page and flatbed scanners are also available. AutoProof Pro is CFR 21 Part 11 compliant and can be used to document, audit the comparison process and produce custom reports of inspection results.

Complete Inspection Systems also unveiled Q-Spec, which is designed to inspect and verify all labeled components, including inserts, cartons or other kit components during final packaging assembly. This system can be custom configured to match kit components against a work order or database, thus eliminating errors created by hand-typed data. No barcode? No problem. The system’s HD camera-based technology reads and matches product codes utilizing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or Optical Character Verification (OCV) technology. Q-Spec provides an accurate and detailed report of any differences found by part number or the expected kits shipped. The system can be configured to require correct flow of the packaging of each kit as well as adding extra or defective components or labels not used. Optional features, such as seal inspection of pouches, product count or verifying barcodes meet ANSI standards may be added.

Complete Inspection Systems, Inc.


Vision Inspection, Measurement Products for Rigid Containers

Agr International, Inc., Butler, Pa., showcased its latest products for the inspection and quality management of rigid plastic containers.

The Pilot Vision system is a vision-based inspection system that mounts inside the blowmolder to provide detection of random-occurring defects during the production of PET bottles. This system offers manufacturers a means to critically evaluate both preforms and blown bottles for defects that may compromise the quality of the finished product. Unlike other vision systems, the Pilot Vision system can be seamlessly combined with Agr’s Pilot Profiler thickness wall gauging system and interfaced with the Process Pilot automated blowmolder management system to provide hands-free management of blowmolder operation while consistently producing bottles of extremely high quality.

The OptiCheck system offers a solution for bottles and similar containers transported on a conveyor line.  This multi-camera inspection system offers versatile, comprehensive detection for the entire container, including seal surface, sidewall, base and label defect detection as well as laboratory-precision finish gauging, all on the conveyor line. The OptiCheck system is modular and can be customized to meet the specific needs of a container producer. Versions of the OptiCheck system are available for all opaque as well as transparent containers.

Agr International, Inc.


Case Erector, Cut & Clamp Automation

The new version of Lantech’s C-1000 Case Erector is said to increase speed by 20%, and generates 30 cases per minute, as opposed to 25. This is made possible by a newly-designed pickup frame. The pickup frame is a unique Lantech feature that controls the case as it transitions from closed to open position, producing square boxes every time.

Additionally, the new XT 5.0 Cut & Clamp automation module from Lantech, Louisville, Texas, is now standard on all XT series stretch wrappers. That’s because the 5.0 offers better performance in harsh environments, improved durability, less cleaning, longer life and reduced film stress. The XT module lets fork truck drivers stay on their fork trucks for the entire wrap cycle. They drop their loads, start the machines remotely and drive away. This eliminates about half of the labor needed to wrap loads—saving tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the machine and improving operator safety. Located on one side of the semi-automatic stretch wrapping turntable, the XT module holds and automatically cuts the film at the end of each wrap cycle. It’s fully enclosed by steel (formerly composite) and won’t get hit when an operator places a load on the turntable. It’s also easy to clean out any debris that might fall in the module.



Metal Detector with Simplicity, Sophistication

Eriez, Erie, Pa., unveiled the new Xtreme metal detector, an ultra-sleek metal detection system that blends simplicity and sophistication with an easy-to-navigate control and 7-inch wide color interface. Made for light industry applications, including chemical, food processing, packaging, textiles, plastics and rubber, the Xtreme metal detector boasts a completely redesigned and user-friendly interface that’s modeled after today’s stylish smartphones. Highlights include full QWERTY keyboard, robust auto setup, dedicated reject log and vivid display. An integrated beacon and configurable inputs and outputs enable easy installation. Maintenance is trouble-free thanks to a large control opening for easy access to wiring. Plus, multiple Xtreme metal detectors can be remotely monitored and controlled from a single PC, enabling users to monitor, analyze and update each system as if the operator was standing at each machine.

Eriez also introduced the new 76 Series Vibratory Feeder, a compact vibratory feeder that offers all of the same features and benefits of existing models in a supersize design to meet larger application requirements. The 76 Series Vibratory Feeder supports trays up to approximately 175 pounds and is available in all standard voltages.



Inline Solution for Metal Control

Material Process Equipment, Highland, Mich., launched the Pro-Tector, what is said to be the industry’s first total solution for metal control.

As customers face increasingly stringent product-safety standards, the Pro-Tector offers a better way to prevent both ferrous and nonferrous metals from contaminating final product by combining the simplicity of a magnetic separator with the reliability of a metal detector in one compact unit.

Designed for use in gravity-feed pipes to monitor for metal contaminants in continuous-flowing granules or powders such as sugar, flour, cornmeal or spices, the Pro-Tector’s integrated drawer magnet provides maximum magnetic separation of contaminants. Product first flows through the drawer magnet, which is located at the top of the unit, and then ferrous-free product continues through a gravity-feed metal detector.  The Pro-Tector’s integrated drawer magnet employs twin layers of rare-earth magnetic tubes to provide maximum magnetic separation of metal contaminants, and its quick-clean feature allows the operator to clean the unit in under 10 seconds.

The Pro-Tector’s integrated metal detector features a straightforward operating system that quickly guides the user through setup and operation.

Material Handling Equipment, Inc.


PET Bottle Blow Molding for Dairy

Serac Inc., Carol Stream, Ill., now offers what is said to be an affordable blow molding and filling solution for mid-sized dairy processors.

The Combox H2F gives dairy manufacturers the appropriate equipment necessary to blowmold in house without having to change lines or systems. This fully integrated solution incorporates the H2F (highly hygienic) filler that meets the hygiene requirements of cold chain dairy products. The low-speed option combines PET blowing with net weight filling advantages for milk drinks. Plus, it features a patented transfer technology.

Additionally, Serac launched the SBL (Serac Blow Linear), a PET bottle blow molding machine. These machines are able to produce bottles up to 5 liters in size at speeds of 2,400 to 12,000 containers per hour. The SBL also has been specifically designed to optimize energy consumption by employing reflecting panels and independently adjustable lamps to heat the preforms at an evenly distributed low temperature.

Serac Inc.


X-ray Solutions for In-Line Contaminant Detection

The Eagle PACK 240 XE from Eagle Product Inspection, Tampa, Fla., provides a complete x-ray solution for in-line contaminant detection in packaged goods. The system’s compact design and adjustable height ranges enable simple deployment into production lines, often directly replacing the existing metal detection system. Auto calibration makes product setup and operation fast and easy. The SimulTask XE software provides on-screen self-diagnostics, full product imaging and complete quality assurance traceability and recording, ensuring compliance with HACCP principles. The PACK 240 XE provides superior detection and automatic rejection of foreign body contaminants such as metal, glass, stone, bone and high-density plastics and rubber and can be used for products in metalized film, foil and even jars and cans. The system provides 9.4 inches of detection coverage at the belt and is capable of high-speed imaging up to 62 meters per minute, enabling the system to be utilized for many packaged product types without compromising line speed.

Meanwhile, the Eagle PRO Series provides enhanced graphical interfaces and improved contaminant detection to simplify material handling and make product setup and operation fast and easy. A 0.4mm detector option is now available, as well as newly optimized MDX dual energy algorithms for increased contaminant detection in difficult product applications. The SimulTask PRO software provides on-screen self-diagnostics, full multi-lane and multi-view capability and dynamic belt speed adjustments for inspection of mid-sized packaged products. The system provides 16.9 inches of detection coverage at the belt and is capable of high-speed imaging up to 120 meters per minute. With the multi-lane inspection abilities, customers can inspect multiple lanes of the same or dissimilar products or use one lane for production and the other for rework. Standard and high-resolution packages are available.

EAGLE Product Inspection