To better meet 3A and USDA sanitation standards, Triangle Package Machinery enhanced its X-Series VFFS bagging machine with newly-designed stainless-steel guard doors, offering quick and easy cleaning, while still providing visibility of the bagging machine in operation. Because there are no micropores, polished frames reduce the possibility of microbiological contamination. Plus, the open design and drainage areas allow for complete sanitation and fewer control points to monitor. In addition, these stainless-steel doors are said to be the only doors on the market that feature rounded openings, making them even easier to clean and sanitize. 

Triangle Package Machinery Co.


Lantech is now making its Pallet Grip available as an optional feature on their G Series stretch wrapper. Pallet Grip works by locking the load to the pallet with a film cable, preventing the load from sliding off the pallet during transportation. It’s operated by a mechanism inside the film delivery system that rolls the bottom 3-4 inches of film into a cable and attaches it just under the top boards of a pallet. This creates a load-to-pallet bond, helping prevent damage to products. It’s ideal for those wrapping at low volumes, generally less than 20 pallets per day.




Hinds-Bock’s automatic swirlers are ideal for mixing fillings, batter and more for swirled cakes and sweet goods. Designed to reduce labor and improve product appearance and quality, the swirl station mounts to an indexing conveyor that moves down-stream to a second batter depositor and dives rotating fluted swirling blades into the cake pans. The rotating blades oscillate around the pan to swirl the two flavors together. The rotation speed, depth of dive and swirling duration are all adjustable to control appearance and depth of swirling. A catch pan shuttles under the blades when retracted. Each blade retracts into a special housing and spins at high speed to prevent product buildup.

Hinds-Bock Corp.


WeighPack Systems’ Star Auger and Swifty Bagger paired up to deliver an optical scanner for what is said to be the most accurate scoop insertion system available. This new approach guarantees that each bag gets one insert, eliminating either having multiple scoops or no scoops in a sealed bag. The Swifty is designed with two filling stations, both equipped with sensors. Powder is first filled into a stand-up pouch while the scoop inserts are disbursed through the bowl dispenser. The scoops are dropped into a funnel awaiting the bag at the second fill station. WeighPack’s “no bag, no fill” feature is extended to the scoop inserter. If the scoop is not deployed, the bag will remain unsealed, so an insert can be added. If the sensor detects multiple inserts, it diverts the extras to a holding area to be used at a later time. Available with a 45-quart hopper, the Star Auger filler has a filling range of 1 ounce to 5 pounds, while the Swifty 1200 is capable of handling bag widths of 6-12 inches wide and bag lengths of 8-18 inches long.

WeighPack Systems, Inc.