New from Flexicon is a stainless-steel, sanitary bulk bag filler that detects and separates metal as it fills bulk bags by weight. The patented TWIN-CENTERPOST is equipped with an integral metal detector/separator that detects metal in the free-fall stream of material entering the filler, and then ejects it through a chute that discharges into a removable drum at the rear of the unit. The filler also incorporates fill head height adjustment to accept all bag sizes, an inflatable cuff forming a high-integrity seal to the bag inlet spout, a blower to remove bag creases prior to filling, load cells for filling by weight, a vent port for dust-free air displacement during filling, pneumatically retractable bag hooks and an automated vibratory deaeration/densification system to maximize capacity and stabilize the bag for storage and shipment. This bulk bag filler is said to be the first to receive USDA acceptance, and is configured with full-length forklifting tubes, which allows it to be moved throughout the plant.

Flexicon Corp.


Provisur Technologies introduced Formax NovaMax500, what is said to be the next generation of slide-plate forming technology. Its servo-controlled, rotary-product pump works in tandem feed-screw movements to prevent overworking and deliver superior product texture. A servo knock-out system ensures precise product placement to downstream conveying systems.

Provisur Technologies


Douglas Machine launched the Vantra IM cartoner, a compact, intermittent-motion cartoner with the flexibility to set up, load and close cartons and trays at speeds up to 55 per minute within a single platform. The versatile Vantra IM can be integrated with various infeed options to gently handle cans, bottles, cartons, bags, flat-flow wrapped product and more. The Vantra IM is designed with a hygienic sheet metal frame and standoff bearing mounts to accommodate specific washdown requirements.

Douglas Machine Inc.


Texwrap introduced the new model T2011SSR continuous motion side seal wrapper, complete with new guarding, sliding safety-interlocked doors, Texwrap’s exclusive TGM2 side seal and an internal scrap winder. The cross seal retains the patented hybrid pneumatic/cam design, which allows fast throughput speeds with smooth horizontal carriage movement to ensure long-term reliable operation. The servo-controlled vertical end seal allows for extremely fast motion while also gently ramping into both the closed and open position to eliminate any “bounce” during the sealing process. The T2011SSR can be combined with many different infeed designs to fit a wide variety of applications.

Texwrap Packaging Systems