A M King Construction, Charlotte, N.C., announced its newest project with long-time partner ALDI, Inc., Batavia, Ill.—an expansion to a storage and distribution facility AM King ALDI Kansas sitein Olathe, Kan.

“ALDI is a growing company throughout the U.S., and A M King is proud to continue meeting its expansion needs,” says Carl Morse, project manager. “This building conversion will incorporate elements of similar ALDI centers nationwide, yet have components that are adapted to meet needs in the Kansas and regional markets.”

The facility will include 68,000 square feet of freezer space, 44,000 square feet of dry warehouse space and 3,000 square feet of office space. The expansion will incorporate changes to refrigeration, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and an updated interior skin. The existing facility will remain in operation throughout the project.

“This project is important to ALDI and its team on many levels,” Morse says. “By keeping existing facilities operational, they will be able to meet present demand while putting infrastructure in place for future growth.”

Environmentally sensitive components include LED and high-efficiency lighting and variable frequency drives on new equipment. A M King has actively engaged local utilities to develop systems that best conserve and use resources wisely.

Construction is expected to last one year.