Beyond Meat, the producer of plant-based protein products, moved its headquarters to 111 Main Street in the historic Smoky Hollow neighborhood of El Segundo, Calif.

The move provides Beyond Meat with an open-office layout, a new test kitchen and a family-style dining area for meetings and taste test events. Beyond Meat will continue to produce its products at its plant in Columbia, Mo.

“We see this move to Smoky Hollow as an opportunity to join a community of vibrant companies that are changing the world, and to enhance the day-to-day lives of our employees by providing a creative, open space environment to collaborate,” says Ethan Brown, founder and CEO. “At Beyond Meat, we try very hard to create a work environment that fosters acceptance of new ideas and teamwork internally while staying keenly in-tune with our external audiences. The new office’s location and open atmosphere supports both goals. We are confident this move to Smoky Hollow will positively impact our efforts to reduce the world’s dependency on animal protein.”